Evidence-Based Alternative Sea Salt Natural Healing For Hypertension Book Launch

The new book has been edited by Eddie Kolos, a passionate holistic health advocate who believes that sea salt and other bioactive natural marine compounds have vast potential in the realm of alternative healing. As such, in The Science of Sea Salt, he has brought together an extensive panel of over 70 scientists, medical researchers and doctors in order to explore the medicinal potential of sea salt.

More information is available at https://scienceofseasalt.com/products/the-science-of-sea-salt

In his work in the field of biotechnology, Eddie Kolos has seen that, in many cases, the newest and most innovative forms of treatment often stem from ancient tools and knowledge. It is this rationale that has led him to edit The Science of Sea Salt, and the book contains information from new evidence-based lines of research and from cutting-edge clinical trials.

Drawing on the widely accepted healing properties of sea salt–which has long been used in wound care and oral care–the book contains information about new avenues for the use of sea salt in the medical profession and in home remedies.

More specifically, The Science of Sea Salt focuses on common chronic conditions that impact a vast percentage of the population in the United States, including hypertension. Hypertension, which is also known as high blood pressure, is caused principally by lifestyle factors like a lack of activity and a poor diet.

Eddie Kolos knows that today, 47% of American adults have hypertension, with many taking harsh medications in order to manage this condition. As such, Kolos and his assembled panel of experts are asking how sea salt and bioactive natural marine compounds can be utilized in both the prevention and management of this condition.

Although the text is evidence-based and scientifically rigorous, it has been written in a manner which is accessible to all and it is broken into easy-to-follow, clearly structured chapters.

A spokesperson for Eddie Kolos said, “Natural products from the ocean have been used since ancient times for the treatment of various ailments. As new medical discoveries enhance biotechnological innovations, significant attention is focused on the ocean’s natural resources, because the marine ecological setting is a unique storehouse of novel bioactive natural compounds.”

More details can be found at https://scienceofseasalt.com/products/the-science-of-sea-salt

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