Ethiopian Sidama Coffee | Medium-Light Roasted Beans With Caramel Tones Launched

The new single-origin, small-batch roast is created using hand-picked heirloom cultivars that impart flavor notes of chocolate, caramel, and fruit.

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Now available to purchase as whole beans or in a standard grind for auto drip machines, Boss Brew Coffee’s latest addition to its roster of gourmet roasts can be shipped free directly to coffee drinkers across the US.

Grown by smallholder farmers in the Sidama zone of Ethiopia, the coffee boasts a unique aroma, texture, and taste distinguished by notes of nut, chocolate, fruit, and caramel.

Boss Brew Coffee believes in scouring the globe for organically-grown beans in order to offer the best selection to coffee lovers. This includes those grown in Ethiopia, a country with a legendary history as the birthplace of coffee. As its largest export, Ethiopia’s world-renowned heirloom cultivars are further enhanced through traditional drying methods.

The Sidama variety’s mythic history begins in Sidamo, a highland region between 1700 and 1900 meters above sea level that is uniquely conducive to growing beans with a fruity, even-bodied flavor profile, given its nutrient-rich Nitisols soils. Due to the nation’s long history of coffee cultivation, the indigenously grown bean varieties are referred to as heirlooms. These indigenous heirloom cultivars are sorted by hand and dried on raised beds in the sun to optimize their quality.

About Boss Brew Coffee LLC

The straight-to-consumer fresh roasted coffee company provides a gourmet alternative to store-bought coffee beans that may have otherwise been roasted weeks or months before being sold. In addition to 43 expertly-curated varieties of flavored and single-origin coffees, the Boss Brew Coffee online store stocks a range of machines and coffee accessories including mugs, glasses, and flasks. Alongside its Ethiopian roast, the company ships blends and single-origin coffees from Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Boss Brew Coffee’s Ethiopia Natural Med-light roasted beans are carefully selected and hand-picked. It carries a natural certification from the Ethiopian Sidama Zone, and has an even-bodied texture that makes it a must coffee for any time of day.”

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