Estate Planning Firm Weiner Law Hosts A Webinar On Wills And Trusts

Estate planning firm, Weiner Law, is holding a webinar on estate planning on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 10:30 am PST. The firm’s founder and managing attorney, Daniel Weiner, is hosting the event. The webinar called, Wills & Trusts 101, will discuss frequently asked questions on estate planning and how to protect people’s assets in case of death or incapacity. Registration is now available at

Wills & Trusts 101 will cover different areas of estate planning people have common questions about including what happens to your loved ones and assets if you die or become incapacitated. Dan will also discuss steps an individual can take to ensure their wishes are followed even after death.

The webinar will also talk about how to prepare for medical situations in the future and how to delegate a person who can make medical decisions on your behalf. It aims to assist people in preparing for the future and give them the peace of mind that their family and assets are protected even after their incapacity or death.

Weiner Law is an award-winning firm in San Diego, CA, that provides legal representation in various areas including estate planning, wills and trusts, probate administration, and trust administration. The firm’s founder, Daniel Weiner, believes in the importance of planning for the future to protect your family and assets.

Daniel helps his clients navigate the often confusing process of making legal and financial decisions to ensure that their client’s loved ones and hard-earned assets are protected. Dan, with his team of experienced estate planning attorneys, assists their clients in achieving their goals through an adequately created estate plan.

Weiner Law understands that every client has a unique situation and thus, requires a special approach. Weiner Law acknowledges that some people’s priority lies in protecting assets from creditors, while others simply want to ensure their family members get the most benefit out of their estate.

The firm’s team of skilled estate planning attorneys listens attentively to each of their client’s goals and concerns and carefully analyzes them. Weiner Law then starts working on a comprehensive estate plan that meets each of its client’s needs.

Weiner Law protects what matters most for its clients. Whether it’s to protect assets from creditors, minimize taxes, or ensure their families are provided for, the firm’s estate planning lawyers provide excellent legal representation to help them achieve their goals.

The firm provides legal assistance in San Diego and nearby areas. Visit Weiner Law at 12707 High Bluff Drive Ste. 125, San Diego, CA 92130, or contact them at 858-333-8844 for a complimentary evaluation.

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