ERTC Qualified Wages For Tax Credits: Refund Claim Assistance & Report Released

By providing detailed information regarding Employee Retention Credit,’s recently released report helps business owners understand their eligibility status, and how to make a claim.

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Alongside their new report, the company also offers expert guidance and support for small to medium-sized businesses looking for assistance when submitting their ERTC claims.

The availability of Employee Retention Tax Credits has been heavily promoted for businesses that suffered financially during the recent pandemic. However, the various eligibility criteria make it difficult for business owners to know if and what they are entitled to, as well as how to apply.’s report outlines all the main factors that impact a claim, with detailed information on qualified wages and what they are.

As the report explains, ‘ERC-qualified wages’ is a government term for any payments made by an eligible employer to its employees during the pandemic. Despite its meaning being relatively simple, there are several additional factors that businesses must also meet to qualify for ERTC payments.’s report outlines all the various criteria relating to ERTC eligibility such as the average number of employees a business had and how many of them remained on payroll throughout 2019-2021. As these factors differ year-to-year, it becomes a time-consuming and challenging task for business owners and their accounting teams to accurately determine their eligibility.

The company’s team of ERTC experts is dedicated to solely learning everything about the program, and how to best serve their clients and their claims. This focus allows the company to provide in-depth support and guidance for business owners who want to make sure they get the maximum amount of credits owed to them.

Business owners can discover more about their eligibility through a short 10-question consultation with one of’s team. The company also has a range of additional resources available on its website, such as an ERTC FAQ and informative blog reports.

A spokesperson for the company said, “FTCO was established to assist small businesses in claiming Employee Retention Tax Credits. Over the years, we’ve helped many companies with the ERTC process and ensured that all our clients get the maximum credit.”

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