ERTC 2023 Eligibility Test For Employee Tax Credit Claims Assistance Launched

To use the service, entrepreneurs can fill out a short form on the company’s website to estimate the ERTC benefits they can receive. If qualified, they can apply for the tax credit directly from the site, making the process fully digital.

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The tax credits are effectively a reward for entrepreneurs who retained rather than laid off workers during the height of the pandemic. Small businesses can receive up to $21,000 per qualified employee, while startups can get a maximum of $33,000 per worker.

Business owners can still claim ERTC benefits for W-2 employee salaries paid between March 12, 2020, and September 30, 2021.

A company representative notes, however, that the deadline for filing is fast approaching, as applicants have a maximum of three years to make their claim. This means that 2023 is the last chance for employers to get tax credits for payrolls released in 2020. Most benefits will run out by 2024.

The spokesperson adds: “The ERTC program offers generous benefits that can help your business recover and grow. However, they will not be available forever. With our online application process, you can complete your claim in 15 minutes or less.”

ERTC is fully funded through the CARES Act, and is thus an entitlement that small and mid-sized businesses should take advantage of. As a tax credit, the money received can be used with no obligation to pay it back.

ERTC Wizard works on a contingency basis, meaning it will not collect a processing fee unless a client’s claim is approved. As such, there is no upfront cost for using its service.

To help prospective clients better understand ERTC and the criteria for qualification, the accounting specialist created an FAQ section on its website.


ERTC Wizard is composed of experienced certified public accountants who have extensive knowledge of the latest tax regulations. This allows the company to recommend tax strategies to maximize deductions and improve profitability.

Interested parties may visit to learn more about the company and its online application process.

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