Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” establishes a cosmic bond as “The Universe Gives Back”

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New York City, New York Aug 9, 2023 ( – Not all warriors are built for the war but some of them spread peace and Eric North is one of them. Better known as “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric is sharing his vision and wisdom of life with the mass to help them find their way to true happiness. His perspective of cosmic energy and its relation with the universe is truly mind-bending and offers a potential dose of spiritual energy. Exploring his vision and beliefs allows finding the tools and practices that can help to lead a better life.

Eric has always believed that the natural state of the universal energy source lies in a constant in all living things. It’s constantly expanding in a state of balance and power. The energy helps to discover this truth and reject negative self-created thoughts and behaviors. Eric thrives to offer the truck to receive and understand unlimited messages and signals that abound throughout lives. Humans often let their egos grow too large or let their lack of confidence prevent them from seeing the right choices and making wise decisions. It causes great harm to the authentic being, and that allows others to control thoughts, habits, words, and actions. A constant feeling of being disconnected and out of sync prevails widely among individuals around the world. Eric believes that the universe is always there waiting for people to reawaken.

Proceeding towards a new era and lifestyle, it is time for humans to reclaim their lives and tap into our subconsciousness and instinctual knowledge. There is a way to reinvention and rewrite one’s story with authenticity and self-awareness. Eric believes that people can find their salvation when their energy grows and raises with vibration. To channel the universal energy one must understand the aspects of Purposeful Living, Turning Pain into Purpose, Understanding What Universe Gives Back, Trusting the Process, and Manifesting to Make it Happen.

Purpose living is referred to understanding how one can change one’s life and find the personal compass. The truth is there’s always something better on the other side, but humans must believe in themselves and learn to trust in higher wisdom and intention to reach this destination. All transgressions and hurts are only important if people learn to forgive themselves and understand the value that comes from travails. Holding on to the past continues a cycle of self-harm and negative emotions. As ‘The Happiness Warrior’, Eric North said that happiness is a universal right that everyone deserves to know and feel. Inevitably, circumstances can temporarily make it feel impossible and hopeless, but the happier people allow themselves to be the more they can help themselves and be the light for someone else. And that can be the true purpose of living, sharing happiness with others that helps expand connections and resources.

Pain is significant in everyone’s life and it is easy to let the stronger and most base emotions take over. These self-created emotions can be dark, undeniable, and regretfully change the course of lives. Instead of falling into the depths of remorse and sadness, one must get over their regret which is a truly terrible and unnecessary emotion. The primitive and reactionary behaviors of feeling jealousy, envy, and scorn must be left to proceed in life with an unbeatable mindset and open heart. A mind that is free of self-judgment offers positive energy that is capable of connecting with the universe. Self-confidence is the key to always rising stronger while acknowledging the wounds of battle. By exploring the deeper meaning of life, wisdom can be enhanced while passing it to the next generation.

To understand what the universe gives back, one must be aware of the roots that connect humans with the earth, nature, the universe, and the cosmos. Oftentimes hardships can be extreme and feel overwhelming but the instinct to thrive is both universal and collective. Eric has gone through a fair share of turmoil in his life too and realized his deep bonding with the universe that constantly pushes him forward. And now, he is spreading his knowledge to help every find their connection. Trust is one of the hardest feelings for most people but trusting the process is necessary to find own self-awareness and motivations. Eric believes that Trust is the highest level of connection with the universe.

Similarly, manifesting can help to achieve dreams. The universe is always listening and sending messages, opportunities, and inspiration. All it requires is to know the way how to receive and understand them. The energy of the universe can feel the passion among humans and help everyone on their journey. To create the bond, one must have the ability to love and believe in own self. Regardless of his spiritual beliefs, Eric believes that the universe is vast and always growing. Join a journey with ‘The Happiness Warrior’ to find your way at

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