Eric Counts – Entrepreneur Business Credibility Credit Repair Courses Launched

Renatus, a financial education company specializing in real estate investments and business ownership, has released three courses instructed by Eric Counts, President and CEO of CreditNerds. Renatus offers a variety of courses covering topics related to real estate investing and other financial topics.

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The newly launched courses are available online through the Renatus website, and provide expert-led guidance on personal and business credit, alongside business funding.

Each course is roughly six hours in length and broken down into segments about specific topics. His courses are titled, “Business Credit & Financing”, “Understanding Credit Day 1”, and “Understanding Credit Day 2”.

The “Business Credit & Financing” course teaches students the best ways to create and maintain good business credit. The course provides a view of how business lenders evaluate a business’s credit profile and aims to teach existing and aspiring business owners how to improve their business credibility and financing potential.

In “Understanding Credit Day 1”, Counts teaches strategies for how to more effectively manage credit. He discusses credit scoring models, the credit monitoring industry, and how credit utilization impacts credit scores. The aim of the course is to teach students how to make personal credit work for them.

“Understanding Credit Day 2” is a continuation of the previous course and goes into further detail on how to repair bad credit. Topics include identifying reporting errors, navigating the credit dispute process, and understanding the rights of the debtor.

With these courses, students can gain valuable information on how to improve their credit reports and increase buying power to reach their financial goals.

Eric Counts is the President and CEO of CreditNerds, a financial solutions company that provides credit repair services as well as personal and business lending and financing. The professionals at CreditNerds offer industry knowledge and attention to detail while making the process as simple for the customer as possible.

Customers can benefit from having one company manage personal credit and business funding, rather than having multiple websites to visit. CreditNerds will soon be offering complimentary educational resources such as financial calculators and budgeting tools to help anyone better understand money and credit.

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