Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair With High-Density Memory Foam & Footrest Launch

Retailers use a range of predictive analytics to understand consumer trends so they can meet surging demands. Online US retailers Kingsy Store has announced an update in home entertainment products to meet continued popularity of indoor family-oriented pastimes. The new ergonomic computer gaming chair with a footrest and TV media console and entertainment center are two of the latest additions.

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The video gaming industry is booming. According to PwC, global gaming revenues are expected to exceed $320 billion by 2026. Demand for smart TVs is expected to accelerate as more and more people opt for their own home entertainment centers post-COVID. With its newly updated home entertainment products, Kingsy Store gives consumers a value-oriented and convenient way of shopping for these items.

The new ergonomic Ohaho computer gaming chair is a swivel style of chair that comes with footrest and lumbar massage and support to prevent back pain. Designed to look like a race car seat, it is made of high-density memory foam and can be adjusted to any height.

The chair’s angle, armrests and back pressure points can also be adjusted. The exterior of the gaming chair and accompanying pillow are made from quality premium skin-friendly and easy-to-clean PU leather. The unit ranges between 48 – 52 inches in height with a sitting height of between 18-22 inches.

Kingsy Store’s newly added TV and media console unit comes with a built-in TV stand, cabinet, drawers, LED-lit glass shelves, and an entertainment center. Made of MDF and glass, the product is 130 x 45 x 35cm (W H D) and weighs 65 lbs. Finished in matte, it comes in either white or black.

The unit is long enough to be accessorized with decorative pieces but compact enough not to present overbearing depth, and pairs nicely with a living room or family room couch and coffee table.

Founded in 2021, Kingsy Store is known for its many collections and products sourced from around the world.

With these new additions to the Kingsy Store online retail lineup, the company is poised to optimize what’s known as The Golden Quarter of Retail.

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