ERC Tax Rebate Assessment & Application 2022: SMB Pandemic Relief Claims Launch

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program has gone through several recent amendments, leaving many employers unaware that they qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits. This new fast rebate program, launched by the ERTC specialists at Bottomline Concepts, helps small to medium-sized businesses determine if they qualify, and maximize their rebates.

More information about ERTC eligibility and the fast rebate service for small to medium-sized businesses can be found at

The new rebate program is open to any employer in the United States with between 5 and 500 W-2 employees on average, including startups, new businesses founded during the pandemic, and non-profit organizations. Employers can take a brief four-question assessment on the Bottomline Concepts website to determine if they qualify.

The four-question assessment is available with no cost or obligation, and eligible employers will be put in contact with an ERTC specialist, who can answer their questions about the program, determine which fiscal quarters they may be eligible for, and help to calculate their estimated rebate. Employers can also have the ERTC team maximize their rebate, complete the paperwork, and file it with the IRS.

While individual rebates will vary, employers can claim up to 50% of eligible wages paid in 2020, and 70% of eligible wages paid in 2021, for a maximum of up to $26,000 per employee. There is no upper limit on the funding available, and some employers have received rebates of up to $6 million.

Bottomline Concepts can also help employers to claim rebates if they have already enrolled in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Unlike the small loans provided by the PPP, ERTC tax rebates are not a loan, or a deferral. They never require repayment, and have no restrictions on how they can be spent.

Employers may also enroll in a new live webinar with the CEO of Bottomline Concepts, Josh Fox. The webinar will explain the ERTC program, how much businesses may claim, and how employers can ensure they receive the maximum allowable rebate.

The webinar is available at no cost to any employer with between 5 and 500 W-2 employees, and includes an optional personal call with an ERTC specialist. During their call, employers can get verified estimates on the amount of funding they can claim through the ERTC program.

Further details and registration options for the ERTC webinar with Bottomline Concepts CEO, Josh Fox, can be found at

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