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The EPOCH EPT Group was founded in 2020 located in England, London. It is a decentralized transaction protocol founded by the EPOCH EPT fund exchange pool.

Hockley, Birmingham Jan 21, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – A highly regarded decentralized transaction protocol was established based on the fund exchange pool EPOCH EPT, enabling users to enjoy smoother quantitative hedging transactions, steadier returns, and lower risks. EPOCH EPT focuses primarily on integrating centralized exchanges (CeFi) and decentralized trading platforms (DeFi) to build a cross-platform trading model, based on cutting-edge AI technology and in-depth research, independently develops quantitative research systems, trading systems, middle, and back-end systems, realizes the optimal interest rate for cross-platform transactions, provides non-custodial smart contracts for international users, and AI empowers investment funds to be allocated, allowing highest return with the lowest risk.

The platform has developed a quantitative hedging approach based on high-frequency, long-term, high-intensity, and high-frequency hedging techniques with the assistance of EPOCH EPT.

The team consists of more than 30 top professionals in financial technology, blockchain technology, AI research institute, and data research from Wall Street, Russia, Africa, and Asia. Major venture capital institutions and exchanges provided tens of millions of dollars in funding during the project’s inception. Pioneers and visionaries of EPOCH EPT construct a decentralized infrastructure to achieve a fully decentralized cross-platform integrated aggregating transaction ecology. This financial “utopia” will be open, free, and inclusive for everybody.

In addition to de-centralization, EPOCH EPT also has the advantage of data winding up, making it more secure and reliable. By accessing blockchain nodes for each token, the company provides wallet addresses, stores tokens, and transfers tokens between addresses, acting as a bank for digital assets. With its unique wider reach, users can deposit cryptocurrencies to earn interest or mortgage them to lend to others. Furthermore, users can immediately access each DApp from the wallet for a variety of uses since the EPOCH EPT wallet is linked to DApps.

EPOCH EPT is a secure and dependable platform that enables users to trade more easily in the world of digital assets. Users can reduce risks and achieve high returns by integrating big data and artificial intelligence technology into the intelligent quantitative investment robot of the trading service platform. This enables users to quickly invest in financial derivatives based on digital currencies and earn excess returns.

The developer continued, “You can invest in financial products with different investment periods and fixed income using the digital assets saved in the EPOCH EPT wallet and enjoy a stable income. The decision-making and voting mechanism of EPOCH EPT consists of five parts: Snapshot, Aragon, DAO Committee, Security Advisory Board (SAB), and Ocean Mining Forum. “

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