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Winner of the London SME Most Visionary Entrepreneur, Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Business Coach of the Year award, 2021/2022, Tony J. Selimi is one of the world’s leading authorities on maximizing human potential. Newly announced coaching opportunities help ambitious entrepreneurs lay the groundwork for a profitable business enterprise and a more rewarding lifestyle. Clients will be introduced to the psychology behind leadership, trust, and team building for improved confidence and resilience – characteristics that form the foundation for personal and professional achievement.

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More and more studies confirm company owners and entrepreneurs who partner with a business coach become better leaders and strategists. With his latest announcement, Selimi offers a series of custom-tailored coaching programs built to transform an individual’s aspirations into the career and lifestyle they envision for themselves.

While entrepreneurs and business owners are experts in their chosen field, they risk operating with blinders on when personal and professional goal setting, strength and confidence building, leadership skills and personal development are neglected.

With 30 years of experience leading and managing blue chip businesses, high-value technology transformation, and high-net-worth wealth building, Selimi combines his expertise in human behavior, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with his proven business acumen to provide a depth of insight that perspective business owners can leverage to create their own successes.

In today’s volatile economy, many business owners are feeling stuck, burnt out, stressed or exhausted. Under Selimi’s guidance, clients having difficulty putting plans into action, motivating team performances, prioritizing obligations or struggling with decision-making can choose from one of three course levels for the tools they need to overcome current and future challenges.

Level one, the Ready-Steady-Go program, offers on-demand transformational business breakthrough coaching to those looking to resolve a specific business, employee, team, or customer-related issue.

Identify-Clarify-Optimize is an intense level two 12-week coaching program that integrates work-life priorities for a well-rounded lifestyle rich in personal and professional rewards.

At the top of the scale is Evolve-Succeed-Thrive, a year-long coaching partnership that provides the foundation for long-term and sustainable business growth and success.

A recent client says, “Tony helped me overcome personal, relationship, financial, and business problems that impacted my self-esteem and left me feeling drained daily. He turned my life and business around so that within five years I was running an 8-figure business.”

Learn more at https://tonyselimi.com/services/business-coaching

Tony J. Selimi – Life Strategist and Business Coach Specialising in Human Behaviour and Maximising Human Potential

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