Enter Bored Human, a one-of-a-kind NFT project with the potential to take over the Defi space

Enter Bored Human, a one-of-a-kind NFT project with the potential to take over the Defi space

Bored Human is the first human NFT project on ETH, which has been gaining massive momentum.

Dubai – Astounding are those stories of people, brands, and platforms that have been created from the ground up with the genuine intent to add more value to the lives they serve. It is more than essential today to throw light on all such success stories for the world to know their genius. The digital financial space is one such industry that has seen the surge in growth of many such platforms, projects, and the many astute minds behind them. However, what makes them stand apart from the rest is its vision and its endless efforts to serve its target demographic. We came across one such genuine and refreshing new NFT project in the NFT and crypto scene recently named Bored Human, which has garnered massive momentum.

Though named Bored Human, everything about this project is far from being boring and is only exciting and filled with fun as it emerges as the first human Profile Pic NFT project on ETH, something people have never seen or heard before in the industry, which is one of the prime reasons for its evident rise in the NFT world. Bored Human is a collection of 1,500 high-utility real photographs of NFTs on Ethereum. These photographs feature the brain behind Bored Human, the founder of the project Rohaan with the legendary BAYC props. Rohaan had created Bored Human out of boredom of his mundane life, where he spent hours on his phone. However, before he knew it, he was already gradually moving up in the crypto game with his crypto trades.

Genius struck when he saw the Bored Ape Yacht Club and decided to create his own PFP NFT project in the form of Bored Human. Its 1,500 NFTs consist of him posing with the many BAYC props in a studio giving funny, entertaining, and creative looks. It provides incredible utility to holders like the team has developed a dashboard, allowing people to track all the upcoming NFT projects before they go viral, which increases their chance to make profits before they hear about it on Facebook. The team will also offer holders future access to a ‘Deal Sniping Bot,’ software that will help them enter a buy-in price for sniping they’re chosen NFT if they hit the OpenSea at their given price or lower.

Rohaan already has a roadmap in place with Bored Human. To know more about it, check out its website, https://boredhuman.io/

Owner (individual): Siddhartha Taneja
Company: Bored Human
Email: ssidharthhtravel@gmail.com