Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) Service Providers Reviews Site Announced

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – December 13, 2022 – The Transaction Group (TTG), a leading provider of business support services, announces the launch of a review site of the top Employee Retention Credit (ERC) service providers. ERC Tax Credit Reviews can assist businesses in finding the best tax credit service provider for their needs.

The Covid pandemic of 2020 was devastating for small businesses throughout the United States. In order to help to minimize the after effects, the federal government stepped in, created and passed the CARES Act. Under the Act employers, including those that received Payroll Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding, may be eligible to receive a employee retention tax credit for qualified wages paid to employees from March 2020 through September 2021.

The Transaction Group, who specializes in helping businesses set up merchant services, felt they could assist other businesses with securing an experienced ERC service provider. “When we first learned about Employee Retention Tax Credits, we thought about many of our clients. We began the arduous task of researching to find the best ERC service providers that coach businesses through the application process to ultimately get approved for the Employee Tax Credit. Through our research, we learned about how challenging it can be to even just apply.” said Michael Rupkalvis, President of TTG.

While many small businesses may qualify for ERC, the IRS guidelines are complicated for even experienced CPAs. In order to receive the credit, it is required that the business file an amended tax return which can be cumbersome for business owners and CPAs. That is why it is advised that businesses select a service provider with expert-level ERC tax credit knowledge.

Rupalvis stated, “We discovered that there are many companies that offer ERC services; however, the majority do not disclose their fees or other pertinent information. Our goal is to share our findings of some of the best ERC providers, to help our clients as well as other business owners in locating an expert ERC accountant or provider that has their best interests in mind.”

The ERC review site currently features five of the most prominent ERC tax specialist companies along with information that may be useful for a business owner to decide with which provider to pursue services. Most providers offer a fast pre-approval decision. One provider claims they can pre-approve a business in just 8 minutes.

Own a small business or manage the finances for a small business and have not yet looked into ERC, visit the ERCTaxCreditReviews.com site and discover a provider that can help the business receive the tax credit for which it may qualify.

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