Emotional Intelligence Coaching | Achieving Happiness Membership Program Launch

The recently announced membership program begins with an online quiz that assesses an individual’s current state of mind and how happy they really are. Donnalynn Riley advocates that happiness should be achieved in all aspects of life, from health to spirituality to personal relationships. Even if a person feels happy in one area, they may not be happy overall if other aspects of their lives are filled with grief.

More details can be found at http://roadmaptoyourjoy.com

Donnalynn Riley launches her MORE JOY membership to empower more individuals to choose their happiness every day. Using a combination of psychology, energetics, quantum biofeedback, the law of attraction, business, marketing, metaphysics, and nutrition, Riley helps students feel healthier in the physical and non-physical worlds, especially by finding more joy.

The membership program encompasses weekly healing sessions, coaching, and “blissings,” as well as the chance to connect with a supportive community and a searchable video library.

According to recent studies, less than 50% of all Americans now feel happy. This is less than what was recorded in previous years. In fact, researchers have found that Americans have reached a record low in happiness, in areas such as quality of life and the influence of organized religion.

Riley understands this more than most, having been unhappy for years. She spent all her time trying to build a facade of happiness, to the point where she believed she was happy at one point in her life. However, she was deeply dispirited and frustrated until she found that the solution was to find and choose more joy in her life.

As such, she created MORE JOY to help more individuals build their resilience to challenges and foster emotional healing.

Riley says, “Learning to understand, live in harmony with, and control my emotions was the thing that changed everything for me. Before I was ready to change, people would say things like “control your emotions” and I was certain that they meant stuff it down, don’t let anyone know about it and let the pressure build until you can’t take it anymore. That’s not what I’m talking about. Over a period of time, I learned a system that allows me to know what I’m feeling, follow that knowing (guilt-free) and create a life that I really love.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://roadmaptoyourjoy.com

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