Emeli Sande Makes a Comeback with a New Single: Brighter Days

Email Sander had released a new single in preparation of her upcoming fourth album release. The track Brighter Days comes as Sander makes appearance on The Graham Norton Show this Friday (January 21).

Brighter Days is coming after previous songs Look What You’ve Done and Family, marking the first music release  from the Next To Me hit maker in two years. Last year, Sander parted ways with her long time label Virgin to secure a global deal with Chrysalis Records-whose artists include the likes of Laura Marling and Liz Pair.

According to Sander, “Brighter Days is inspired by the truth that even in the darkest moments, there is always hope. We might have to dig deeper to feel it, but hope is always there. Staying anchored in hope and faith is our victory and defeat only comes when we lose sight of this power. Brighter Days is an affirmation-it’s a reminder of our collective power to make a choice and create our reality.”

Sander has also engaged in collaborations featuring on Bugsy Malone’s Welcome To The Hood and Ghettos’ Sonya track from his Mercury nominated Conflict of Interest.

Brighter Days is a preamble to Sandi’s fourth album that is due for release later this year. Recall that her debut album Our Version of Events sold more than two million copies and was recently included in the list of the biggest selling female artists of the 21st century.

Currently, the Scottish singer has two UK Number 1 Singles andc11 top 10 hits. Her last album releases in 2019, Real Life peaked at Number 6 on the Official Album Chart, marking her third Top 10 album.

Sander is best known for her soaring voice and her songs have stirred hearts over the past decade. She came to limelight in 2012 with her album Our Version of Events. This was followed by Long Live the Angels in 2916 and Real Life in 2019.

Sander draws inspiration from her life experiences, drawing strength from the challenges that came her way which inclined her short lived marriage which lasted for two years, (2012-2014).

Back then, there were misgivings in some quarters following her engagement announcement in 2012 because of her fiancé’s reluctance to be in the spotlight. Infect, he did his utmost to stay out of the public eye. It was later revealed that her fiancé was Montenegrin marine biologist Adam Gouraguine with whom she had been in a relationship for seven years.

Both were married in a ceremony in Castor, Montenegro and few days later Sander had a musical performance for thousands of fans in the town.

In an interview with Montenegrin TV at the time, Sander said: “I want to be part of his life and family. So, I want to add his surname. I want to be part of his tradition.”

Unfortunately, the bliss with Adam was short lived and two years later, Sander announced they had divorced.

“Everyone thought I had gone mad,” she said in the wake of her divorce.

“What do you mean divorced? We were all at your wedding a few months ago!’ But there was just something inside me that said ,’This isn’t life. You’re pretending to be someone else.”

Sander has moved on since, throwing herself more into her career and can be seen in her new music video where she showed new dance skills, thrilling her fans.”

Sandi’s Brighter Days is a message of hope and resilience. In the video, we see the singer in a rotten room with a piano. As she plays over the handclapped rhythms, her stirring lyrics generate flowers to bloom and the room is transformed to beauty.

“But there’s going to be brighter days, brighter days,” she sings on the chorus. “I’ll keep you lifted when you’re losing faith.”

Brighter Days is a reminder to be positive, optimistic even in darkest situations, it’s a call to retain hope.

“The power of the collective mind is remarkable and I believe that no matter the external circumstances forced upon us, we have dominion over the mind and spirit,” she stated on the impact of her new release.

“Brighter Days are coming, stepping out of the darkness is within our control. Fear is not ours; pessimism does not belong to us; defeat is not our chance. We choose brighter days and this song is the voice of hope, faith and love.”

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