Market Watch

EME will Enable Both Liquid Mining and Pledge Mining

It is known that EME will launch its”landing plan” for global ICO. which will be launched on major exchanges upon the completion of ICO. EME will also cooperate with the personnel who own communities all over the world to jointly promote the healthy development of EME ecology and the rapid implementation of EME global ecological applications. In order to fulfill the commitment of win-win cooperation, we will offer generous benefits to every excellent community code that promotes EME global ecological development, such as: discounts on service charges in EME ecology, Token rewards, invitation to the Consensus Conference, early plate trading authority, game permissions, sharing of EME community growth benefits, etc. With the development of EME, EME community, project parties, investors, and the majority of blockchain enthusiasts take the mode of “win-win cooperation and common values” to build a global blockchain application ecology, and create a high-quality community platform with professionals in the industry and other industries, which lays the foundation for the global strategic layout of EME.

2020 can indeed be called the year of cryptocurrency. Major cryptocurrencies have reached record highs, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. A particular market segment has also made a breakthrough, which will grow rapidly with the investment and become the second largest market segment. We refer to distributed finance, commonly known as DeFi. Since May 2021, EME has been building a public chain in the form of an aggregated blockchain and blockchain DeFi Ecosystem. In accordance with the issuance and allocation of EME Tokens, 80% of the chips will be generated from liquid mining and pledge mining. The ecosystem can interoperate across chains and supports user experience of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrency exchange, storage, and transmission. Its cross-chain enables any digital asset to be transferred to near zero network cost within a few milliseconds and releases great value of the whole industry. It thoroughly changed the way of sending password through “Link Drop’ technology used by people.

The liquid mining and pledge mining of EME will come to the public soon. The liquid mining and pledge mining are of great significance to the sustainable development of EME community in the future. In addition, the global community established by EME is to establish a global community covering the world, spanning cultures and spanning all industries, such as Internet, finance and 5G technology, so as to realize resource complementarity in a real sense. Therefore, the value of EME has the opportunity to achieve a more flexible and transparent financial system, and anyone with an Internet connection can access and interact with a  smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. Trusted smart contracts are open source and can be interinvoked with other smart contracts. Therefore, users can verify the code of the smart contract and choose the best services for them.