Elliot Rosenberg – CEO & Founder K9 Mania Dog Training

USA — Elliot Rosenberg is the CEO and Founder of K9 Mania Dog Training – A platform built to help dog owners build harmonious relationships with their dogs and help dog trainers master the skillset needed to transform lives. He is a Certified Master Trainer & Behaviorist and serves as a Virtual Assistant for Dog Trainers in New York.

Native to Long Island, NY, Elliot holds 10+ years of experience in training and rehabilitating hundreds of dogs. He leads a team of over 28 dog trainers and behaviorists serving Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. A popular figure in Long Island, NY, Elliot has expanded K9 Mania Dog Training Team across two states, facilitating dog trainers and owners in Tampa, Florida, and San Diego, California.

Passionate about empowering dog trainers and pet parents, Elliot serves to help people master the right way to handle dogs and deliver quality care.

Tell us a little about K9 Mania Dog Training – what are your mission, vision, and goals?

K9 Mania Dog Training addresses a common issue of dog owners and trainers alike – the inability to find time to train dogs. Moreover, the restrictions imposed by COVID made it even harder. At such time, Elliot formulated K9 Mania Dog Training to help dog trainers thrive and learn how to provide quality care to their dogs.

Elliot caters to the most pressing concerns of dog trainers and owners who want the same thing – a strategy to reshape behaviors and transform lives. He aims to foster growth in the industry and empower dog trainers and pet parents with the knowledge needed to train dogs right.

Tell us a little about your background – how long have you been training dogs?

Over the last decade, Elliot has rehabilitated and trained hundreds of dogs to compete professionally in obedience, tracking, herding, agility, and protection sports. He is adept at coaching and training dog trainers and pet parents about basic and advanced obedience, search & rescue, and behavior modification.

Before building a training facility in his hometown, Elliot spent seven years in Costa Rica training high-drive (working) dogs in multiple dog sports.

What made you shift focus from training high-drive dogs to home pets?

Elliot always had a passion for working with pet parents who desperately need help taming their dogs and teaching them obedience and respect. He built K9 Mania Dog Training to make his lifelong vision a reality and fuses positive reinforcements with balanced training methods to instill trust and respect in dogs.

Tell us a little about your journey – how did K9 Mania Dog Training become a household name in Long Island?

Elliot’s journey from ground zero to the present has been far from simple. Like all other entrepreneurs, he had to jump through many hoops to find his footing in the industry. Elliot had his fair share of failures along the way yet used every botched attempt as a lesson and continued forward motion.

Today, Elliot lives to do what he loves, helping dog trainers and pet parents train their dogs and build happy and harmonious lives.

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