Elite Athletic Performance & Exogenous Ketones | Science Study Results Announced

The results of the recent study, announced by DeltaG and included in the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Library of Medicine, indicate that consuming a ketone ester drink alongside a more traditional energy drink can increase endogenous insulin levels, glucose uptake, and muscle glycogen synthesis, thus improving performance, endurance and recovery times in elite athletes.

Further details are available at https://www.deltagketones.com/pages/pure-science

The latest study confirms that exogenous ketones, hailed as a potentially new nutritional category, join the three main established dietary nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – in providing a powerful energy source for endurance athletes.

During the study, 12 well-trained athletes were randomly administered drinks which either did or did not contain the exogenous ketones compound. In subsequent measures of athletic performance and recovery time, those who had consumed the ester were found to outperform those in the control group by up to 50%.

Scientists discovered that the chemical compound works by increasing glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake by the body to much higher levels than can be achieved with glucose liquids alone. The study observed that, when consumed alongside a sports energy drink, exogenous ketones help to stabilize blood sugars, creating beyond optimal conditions for a workout, better recovery times and also improved brain focus.

DeltaG Global explains that consumption of exogenous ketones has already gained traction amongst professional athletes competing at an elite level. America’s most decorated Triathlete and US Ironman Record Holder, Timothy O’Donnell (referred to in sporting circles as ‘T.O.’), said: “It was a crucial part of my American record-setting performance at the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship. I felt so strongly about the benefits of ketone esters that I actually didn’t want to talk about them publicly; they were a secret weapon.”

DeltaG Global is based in Orlando, Florida, in the scientific development hub which includes elite high-performance research centers, the US Special Operations Command, and NASA. The company was founded by scientific contributors at both the University of Oxford and the NIH.

Interested parties can find further information at https://www.deltagketones.com/pages/pure-science

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