Eli Preme: The Official Sneaker Plug For Celebrities

Eli Preme is a hot topic these days as he keeps solidifying his name in mainstream media. This young influential entrepreneur has landed major clients by doing what he does best. Finding sneakers. Some of his clients include Lonzo Ball, Gunna and many others.

His clientele list is growing day by day. His father has always seen his potential and gave him that support he needed to take on his passion as a career. Now he is focused on increasing his net worth.

This young go-getter plugs in restaurant owners in exchange for free meals and even car dealership owners who allow him to use their best vehicles in exchange for sneakers. Now that’s how you use your skills to your advantage and reap benefits.

Sneakers has helped Eli connect with top artists, club owners, restaurants and many others. He also provides sneakers to club managers and bottle girls because he knows that they could be an asset to have as a connect.

His brand is only expanding. This year is about growth for his brand and growth for his income. He has million dollar clients in mind and billion dollar goals that he is conquering such as opening up his own store in Miami.

 This young entrepreneur is a role model and a trendsetter. It’s only a matter of time before all the celebrities hire him.