Elena Bulatova Fine Art at Red Dot Miami Art Fair

As the year winds down, the art scene winds up for one of the largest art fairs of the year – Art Basel in the south of Florida. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Art Basel show in its Florida location. Art Basel is known for its conglomeration of Blue Chip level artists, with heavyweight artworks and the most sophisticated enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe. Outside of the Red Dot Miami show, stands two larger than life sculptures by artist Elena Bulatova. As visitors pour in for a week of impactful and cutting-edge art, they will be greeted by a towering gold lollipop, and a larger-than-life popsicle.

These two striking sculptures by Bulatova, from her Sweet Life Collection, serve as a commentary on the indulgences in life and the whimsical days of simple childhood. Bulatova rose to international recognition with her ‘too-sweet-to-eat’ sculptures and has been making them larger and larger in scale over the past decade. The sculptures at this year’s fair are two of her largest yet, delivering the message of pleasure, indulgence and abundance at the most impactful scale.

Amidst the challenges of daily life and global occurrences, Bulatova’s sculptures are meant to remind us of the more innocent days of youth and the sweeter moments in life. For adulthood they can also serve as a statement on the abundance we have and the indulgences we allow ourselves. Bulatova challenges her audience and collectors to take a closer look at her glossy, bright colored artworks that imitate real candy. Those walking past these monumental candies ponder what life would be like with indulgence on a super sized-level.

Elena Bulatova’s artwork continues inside the fair, in a booth under her namesake gallery – Elena Bulatova Fine Art. She will be showcasing other small works from the Sweet Life Collection, in addition to showcasing her abstract paintings. Bulatova challenges herself working in different mediums, all delivering a similar message with her trademark colors. Also featured in the booth, will be Op Art inspired, 2D and 3D sculptor, Efi Mashiah. Mashiah’s artworks challenge the viewer to interact with the artwork by physically moving their body around the space. Mashiah’s work greatly compliments that of Bulatova, playing on color and the same lighthearted themes.

Whether it be a complex commentary on indulgence and time passing, or just a pleasure to look at, these sculptures stand tall to welcome visitors to the show, and to send them away with an equally sweet exit.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas
[email protected]
3720 South Las Vegas Boulevard

United States

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