Eggplant: Binance Smart Chain’s Freshest Decentralized Exchange

Eggplant Exchange is a brand new DEX built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and inspired by BSC’s leading DEX, PancakeSwap. The DEX features token swaps and high APR liquidity pools for seamless trading of BEP-20 tokens and high returns to liquidity providers. The exchange brings synthetic assets to its platform through Band Protocol. Get more trading opportunities for traditional assets with Eggplant DEX.

What is Eggplant Token ($EGGPLANT)?

Eggplant ($EGGPLANT) is the native token for the Eggplant DEX project. The token is fully decentralized – created and controlled by the Eggplant community. $EGGPLANT is deflationary, and its total supply decreases exponentially with every transaction. This keeps or raises the value of tokens held by users.

Why Choose $EGGPLANT?

Real Utility and Value Proposition

The Eggplant DEX project serves the interest of the users. The DEX will remain reliable despite unpredictable and highly volatile markets, where centralized exchanges deliberately halt trading. Keep on trading on Eggplant’s multiple pools even when centralized exchanges go offline. In addition to crypto, the project will also bring synthetic asset trading to users.


Eggplant brings control back to the masses. Control over the Eggplant project is highly decentralized to the community. Therefore, users have control and the final say over the project. No censorships or unnecessary downtimes!

Strong and Organic Growth

The Eggplant project is dedicated to a strong and organic growth away from pump fests and shilling. The project opted for a fair launch instead of an IDO to avoid pumps and dumps from IDO hypes. Today, many projects built on these hypes have spammed users with useless coins having no utility or roadmap for thriving in the crypto space. $EGGPLANT is changing this!

$EGGPLANT Tokenomics

$EGGPLANT is a deflationary token and its supply is designed to decrease after each transaction. Here are more details on the decentralized token:

Token Ticker$EGGPLANT
Contact Address0x1583fFE1720027500ba6b284B1b1e9755d43e479
Total Supply100,000,000,000,000
Token Burn50,000,000,000,000 (increases from transaction fees)
Circulating Supply50,000,000,000,000 (decreases from transaction fees)
PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool42,500,000,000,000
Marketing & Development7,500,000,000,000

The project reserves no tokens for founders or developers but has 7.5% of the tokens locked for marketing and development operations. At least 50% of the tokens are burned forever and additional burned during every transaction. To avoid large transactions and price manipulation, transaction amounts are capped at 1%.

Transaction fees are 4.5%, with 2.0% redistributed to holders, another 2.0% added to PancakeSwap’s liquidity pool, and the remaining 0.5% sent to the burn address.

Eggplant Roadmap

Here are things we’ll do (and have done) before the end of 2021.

Q2 2021:

  • Creating Eggplant token ($EGGPLANT)
  • Listing live on PancakeSwap
  • Get listed on Coingecko (already listed)
  • Get verified on BscScan
  • Start a social media marketing campaign
  • Team expansion
  • Launch Eggplant DEX
  • Launch liquidity pools
  • Launch staking feature to reward holders

Q3 2021:

  • Exchange listing
  • List on CoinMarketCap
  • Continued viral marketing campaigns
  • Potential partnership announcements
  • Launch synthetic assets trading via Band Protocol
  • Community building

Q4 2021:

  • Implement extra unique features for users
  • Lifestyle brand creation

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