EFG Retirement Launches Home Stretch Solution for Retirement Planning

Educators Financial Group, aka EFG Retirement founder and CEO Lori Bennett, announced the official launch of the Home Stretch Solution for Retirement Planning service today. Bennett has been working with aspiring retirees for 29 years and prides herself on a dedication to helping aspiring retirees make sound decisions for the future. Rumors are already starting to circulate among observers within the Retirement Planning world as the Home Stretch Solution for Retirement Planning began the year. Bennett has released three things retirees can expect from EFG Retirement 2023.

The first thing folks should expect “is a big improvement in our approach to retirement planning; one that ensures retirees have a predictable income for the rest of their lives,” Bennett said in a recent interview. EFG Retirement makes this happen by focusing on retirees’ income needs throughout their retirement, not just the early year that most retirees are focused upon. EFG Retirement guides retirees to invest their assets in solutions that guarantee a monthly income without the risk of market fluctuations. This is to be expected from a business that places this much value on helping clients get the desired results. Bennett said, 20 years into the future, we want our clients to be able to look back and feel great about the solid decisions in planning for retirement.

As well as that, EFG Retirement will celebrate the launch of the Home Stretch Solution by making an all-out effort to get the word out. Founder, Lori Bennett, is scheduled to be interviewed on several podcast, radio, and television segments in the coming months, the first of which can be heard on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio. Bennett hopes that this will give people a better perspective on retirement planning. She added, “We want to put them in the driver’s seat of the planning process.”

Finally, for people approaching retirement, they’ll be interested to know what went into the creation of the Home Stretch Solution for Retirement Planning service. The service has developed over time, but really came to fruition after talking to so many people who, in their eighties, were calculating how much time they had left to live based on when their savings would run out. Bennett is also writing her first book titled The Homestretch Solution: Reaching Your Finish Line Safely, Securely, and Stress-Free. She is working with Watchdog Publishing, a company that specializes in helping financial advisors write and publish, and plans for release by summer 2023.

For further information about Educators Financial Group or the new Home Stretch Solution for Retirement Planning service, it can all be discovered at https://www.efgretirement.com/

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