Educational DIY Catapult Kit & Light-Up Gyro Spinner Toy Set Now Available

In their new themed crate, GirlCratery is delivering a hands-on crafting experience to young girls around the country.

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All of GirlCratery’s themed crates are designed to provide wholesome, screen-free entertainment for young girls – now with a special twist for children who love to learn what makes things tick. From the DIY catapult kit to the light-up gyro-wheel, this crate was curated top to bottom for budding engineers and tinkerers.

The Gadgets and Gizmos Crate is officially the ninth of GirlCratery’s individually available themed crates, building off of the popular Crafty Crate, with more emphasis on the mechanical side of DIY crafting. Like its predecessors, it mixes in educational activities with fun toys and stickers to capture kids’ imaginations while stimulating their minds.

According to a CDC study, the average child spends over seven hours a day in front of a screen, a number that has only increased in recent years. This stacks up to over 100 full days each year that children are spending on screen time during crucial developmental periods in their life.

While there is nothing wrong with a little entertainment, GirlCratery believes that children can still have fun while learning and staying active. Inspired by the ethos of the Girl Scout program, GirlCratery set out to empower young girls to try new things and engage with the world around them.

Each Week, the Girl Scouts of NYPENN partner with ARC of Onondaga, a non-profit providing services and skills training to people with developmental disorders, to carefully hand-pack each crate and prepare them to ship. In each step of the process, GirlCratery aims to enrich the lives of their partners and customers alike.

A spokesperson for GirlCratery shared, “We believe that all girls, regardless of Girl Scout membership, should experience the world around them to become the best version of themselves,” and that is what they hope to deliver with each of their crates.

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