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Emigrant, MT, 27th January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, All American Woodworks is thrilled to announce that they have updated their inventory with EcoPoxy products! EcoPoxy is a high-performance, eco-friendly epoxy resin system that provides superior protection and lasting beauty for wood surfaces. Ecopoxy resins offer a safe and eco-friendly alternative for projects that require strong, durable materials. From coating furniture to sealing window sills to bonding together wood pieces, these versatile biodegradable products are sure to meet the needs of any creative project!

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Ecopoxy resin is available as monomers, oligomers, and polymers, among other forms. The simplest form of epoxy resin is called a monomer, and it is generally used to make adhesives. Oligomers can be utilized to make sealants because they are a little bit more complex than monomers. The most sophisticated type of epoxy resin is a polymer, which can be used to make coatings.

Ecopoxy resins are the perfect solution for a range of applications; they provide lasting protection with none of their toxins, and boast impressive UV resistance, so people don’t have to worry about their creation yellowing over time! EcoPoxy Resins offer the strength and durability of traditional epoxies with added flexibility, making them perfect for an array of projects in both indoor and outdoor areas. Their safe, non-toxic formula is biodegradable too, giving woodworkers peace of mind while creating beautiful workpieces that will last!

“We are happy to let our customers know that we’ve equipped our store with more EcoPoxy products. EcoPoxy is the perfect way to protect and beautify your wood surfaces without worrying about environmental impact. EcoPoxy is made from renewable resources and is 100 percent biodegradable, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more sustainable option when it comes to coating their wood projects. EcoPoxy products are also easy to use and clean up quickly, making them ideal for any project you may have in mind.” – Steve Sirois, All American Woodworks founder.

With Ecopoxy pigments, woodworkers can turn their resin projects into vivid masterpieces. These premium hues, which range from warm tones like red and orange to cool blues and greens bring brightness to works of art because they are made from natural minerals without the use of any pollutants. Get creative—there are plenty of color possibilities to explore!

There are many of these EcoPoxy products available for purchase at All American Woodworks. Some of them include:

EcoPoxy Biopoxy 36 Resin.

The BioPoxy 36 is a revolutionary two-part epoxy system that makes crafting composite parts easier than ever before. With its room-temperature curing capabilities, it’s the perfect solution for projects demanding strength and reliability without exposure to pressure or hazardous conditions – like tanks on ships!

BioPoxy 36 makes it possible to seamlessly mend even the most complex composites. With its capacity for restoring expanded polystyrene foam cores damaged by chemical exposure and bonding different types of skins or layers together, this versatile fix-it solution is essential in any composite repair arsenal. With BioPoxy 36, people can make nearly entirely carbon-based composite repairs that are resilient and room-temperature-cured. These components are inexpensive and will hardly need replacing.

EcoPoxy EcoTrowel.

EcoTrowel is an innovative epoxy filler ideal for surface preparation and repair. Its toffee-like consistency makes it a must-have part of a woodworker’s eco-coating systems; perfect for any environmentally friendly project! This product has a high level of stickiness, a mild scent, outstanding strength, and flexibility in addition to being resistant to chemicals and impact damage.

EcoPoxy EcoTrowel is the ideal solution for easy and quick composite repairs. With EcoTrowel, a user can complete multiple repair tasks in less time than ever before! EcoTrowel makes it possible to apply EcoPoxy’s bio-resins, films, tapes, and patches quickly and evenly on uneven surfaces or tight corners. EcoTrowel also features a patented, seamless smoothing tool that makes it easy to achieve an even finish.

Flowcast EcoPoxy.

FlowCast two-part epoxy opens up a world of design possibilities for woodworking projects. From river tables to oceanides, this long-lasting system offers unmatched UV stability and low viscosity, which provides an air release during the curing process; ensuring no cracking or splitting! FlowCast is perfect if woodworkers are looking to create something special with water as their guiding element.

People have the opportunity to express their creative vision with FlowCast thanks to EcoPoxy’s Metallic Colors and Liquid Pigments, which enables them to modify projects until the desired result is achieved. The possibilities are limitless with EcoPoxy!

“At All American Woodworks, we are proud to offer EcoPoxy products in an easy-to-find location near you. Stop by today and check out our selection of EcoPoxy products. With EcoPoxy, protecting your wood surfaces has never been easier or more eco-friendly. Let us help you make protecting your wood surfaces  easy and environmentally friendly with EcoPoxy from All American Woodworks!” – Steve Sirois.

EcoPoxy not only makes wood projects look great but will also keep them looking better for longer. If woodworkers are looking for EcoPoxy near me, All American Woodworks has all the EcoPoxy products that they need to make their project come to life!

The availability of these products at All American Woodworks will give woodworkers the chance to explore EcoPoxy options for their projects. EcoPoxy products offer a range of beneficial features, including flexibility, water resistance, UV stability, and chemical resistance—perfect for any wood project!

If people are looking for EcoPoxy near me, All American Woodworks has everything they need for their next woodworking project. EcoPoxy products offer superior performance and durability and are perfect for any woodworker looking to create a lasting masterpiece.

Remember that woodworkers and even do-it-yourselfers can create stunning, useful, and ecological woodworking creations for years to come by using EcoPoxy from All American Woodworks. Visit All American Woodworks to get quality EcoPoxy products for all projects right now!

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