Economical Pleated Furnace Filters: 16x25x1 – 20x20x1″ Sizes Expanded

The enhanced selection includes a variety of standard and non-standard sizes, ranging from 1″ to 5″ filters. The firm’s residential products use a high-quality pleated construction, designed to capture much smaller particles. Commercial options now include bag filters, rigid box filters, and HEPA filters.

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United Filter Company notes that the filters in forced air furnaces play an important role in maintaining indoor air quality. With homeowners now using heating systems on a daily basis, the firm’s latest products are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of hvac operation.

Product advice website Consumer Reports explains the importance of HVAC filtration devices. It suggests that filters should be replaced at least every 6 months, with thinner 1-inch filters likely to need replacing every 3 months. Among the various designs on the market, Consumer Reports states that pleated products offer the greatest protection against small particles, such as smoke and bacteria.

United Filter Company has long used pleated construction across its full line of furnace filters, and the most recent update improves the range of available sizes. In a bid to provide greater convenience, the firm also now offers several multi-pack options.

As part of the latest expansion, United Filter Company offers a streamlined product selection webpage, allowing clients to find appropriate filter sizes via simple dropdown menus. In addition to standard sizes, the new range includes many options that are not available elsewhere.

About United Filter Company

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, United Filter Company distributes its full range of commercial and residential filtration products across Canada and the US. The firm’s stated aim is to improve air quality with the highest standard of filtration design and manufacture.

One customer recently stated: “I’m a huge fan of this company. Their filters are well-priced, shipped quickly, and very easy to purchase off their website. I’ve used mine to make several corsi-rosenthal boxes, as well as for my home’s central air. They even have some non-standard sized filters which are really difficult to find anywhere else.”

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