EcoGen America, a Solar Company based in Long Island, NY, Assists Clients Switch to Green Energy

Long Island, NY: Multiple reports show that, on average, homeowners can save up to $30,000 on electric bills in two decades by switching to solar. Besides the cost of installing solar decreasing by up to 50%, the benefits are endless — such as slowing down climate change. One of the companies helping residential clients make the switch to clean energy is EcoGen America.

The solar energy company provides photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. With the company’s direct involvement in sourcing panels and other accessories, they ensure that what goes on the homeowner’s roof is of good quality and matches their energy needs. Besides helping homeowners become energy producers, PV solar panels have little maintenance needs and pass the test of time.

Apart from transitioning to solar having a huge impact on energy bills and the environment, there are tons of incentives and tax credits for homeowners investing in solar. Solar company Long Island is dedicated to educating them on what programs they are eligible for and the processes to follow.

Homeowners interested in supplying extra energy produced can talk with professionals about the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). They can first check their eligibility on the website by providing their zip code. Also, the solar experts answer their questions about the rates and the processes involved.

In addition, EcoGen America specializes in commercial solar installations. Through their customized services — starting with free quotes — they facilitate businesses in cutting down their energy costs (by going green). Like residential solar installations, the company is responsible for sourcing more effective PV solar panels to match energy needs.

Besides panels and accessories, the company is home to experienced electricians and solar technology providers. They are conversant with advanced installation processes, techniques to maximize power production, and ways to avoid accidents during installation. Thanks to the team’s experience, the labor-intensive projects are completed within the agreed timelines.

The solar energy company helps clients in navigating other aspects of going green. For example, the team helps businesses know whether they are eligible for free solar panels through the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). They also help them inspect the roofs to ensure they can bear the weight of the new panels.

Like in other parts of the country, businesses in New York are eligible for tax credits and incentives for going green. Also, the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Commercial Solar photovoltaics is set to encourage small businesses to adopt cleaner energy. Thanks to the Solar energy advisors’ experience and knowledge, they guide enterprises in navigating the stipulated processes and claiming tax credits.

EcoGen America is located at 135 Pinelawn Rd #202n, Melville, NY, 11747, US. Clients interested in switching to solar energy can contact the company at (631) 557-0998. Visit the website for more information.

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