Eco-Friendly Ring Stackers & Puzzles For Children: Educational Toys Range Update

The toys in the recently extended collection are colorful and made from sustainable wood and recycled materials that are safe for toddlers and small children. Doviast’s educational and sensory toys are designed to encourage children’s language and motor skills and stimulate their imagination.

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The expansion of the retailer’s toy collection coincides with an article published by Scientific American about the greater role that playing with toys has in the development of children’s minds than formal education. According to the report, children’s natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn are enhanced by toys that allow them to explore and discover the world around them.

One of Doviast’s bestsellers is the Eco-Dough, which comes in a pack of three tubs with different colors: red, blue, and yellow. This modeling compound is made in small batches using non-toxic ingredients that remain soft and pliable for a long time.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, toys that allow children to create objects, like the Eco-Dough that Doviast offers, tap into children’s creativity and sense of adventure. They also nurture their sensory and motor skills, which are essential when they start school.

For toddlers, Doviast offers the Bioserie 2-in-1 Stacker, a toy designed for kids to stack rings on a peg to enhance their motor skills and develop their analytical thinking. The rings are increasing in size, and parents can encourage their kids to stack them from biggest to smallest or vice versa to add another layer of complexity to their playtime.

The Dinosaur A to Z Puzzle is another educational toy that parents can order if they want to teach their kids the alphabet in a fun, playful manner. The dinosaur puzzle is made out of sustainably-sourced wood and colored with non-toxic paint. The letters are clearly printed and loosely follow the order of the alphabet, which encourages children to learn the letters by sight instead of just knowing the pattern of the alphabet.

The toys in the new collection are fun and colorful but also non-electronic. Many studies show that minimizing screen time has a lot of benefits on a child’s attention span and circadian rhythm.

“What an incredible product. It’s the coolest one I’ve bought for the kids in the family. It’s colorful, fun, and it’s in the shape of a dinosaur,” a satisfied customer said.

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