Eco-Friendly, Fragrance Free Pain Relief Lotion For Tattoo Artists Launched

The retailer’s recently added sea salt-enriched lotions are strictly fragrance-free and eco-friendly and are made from the finest natural plant-based materials in order to naturally calm and heal the skin. H2Ocean is also now launching a new natural pain-relief cream. Called their ‘NOTHING Pain-Relieving Tattoo Glide, this lotion is recommended to tattoo artists who are looking for a genuinely effective yet gentle numbing cream.

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H2Ocean is proud to be expanding its line of tattoo lotions for both tattoo artists and tattoo recipients at a moment when more Americans than ever are getting tattoos. According to the latest figures from Statista, 30% of Americans now have at least one tattoo, up 7% in the last ten years.

With more Americans getting more tattoos, H2Ocean appreciates that tattooists are now also working with more skin types and sensitivities than ever.

Their high-quality, ‘NOTHING Pain-Relieving Tattoo Glide’ uses low-irritant and naturally nourishing and soothing ingredients like organic beeswax, volcanic clay, chamomile and jojoba oil, and purified water. It also contains 4% active pain-relieving and fast-acting lidocaine.

Like all of their natural products, their new tattoo glide also contains pure red sea salt. H2Ocean believes that sea salt is one of the most naturally healing elements on the planet, as it contains over 82 trace minerals.

As such, H2Ocean has drawn on its traditional uses and applications in wound care in the development of its new tattoo pain relief and tattoo care products.

H2Ocean is proud to be harnessing the natural power of sea salt and other naturally healing ingredients in all its products. They ship across the United States.

A spokesperson for the online retailer said, “The NOTHING Pain-Relieving Tattoo Glide with 4% Lidocaine is an organic formula that effectively numbs and relieves pain during the tattoo, starting the healing process. It is a thin to medium balm, so it is better for your machines than traditional Vaseline or A+D. We’ve used the best organic ingredients like red sea salt and volcanic clay that provide minerals for extreme healing and are petroleum-free.”

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