Eco-Friendly Fluoride-Free Mouthwash For Dry Mouth & Dental Procedures Launched

The company’s recently launched eco-friendly oral rinse is scientifically proven to work against dry mouth and other oral or dental conditions such as gum disease and sore throat. It can also be used to heal tooth extractions and minor surgeries faster.

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The launch of H2Ocean’s new mouthwash coincides with a study published by the Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry about the benefits of sea salt toothpaste and mouthwashes. According to the report, sea salt effectively reduces plaque and kills bacteria in the mouth, reducing incidences of cavities, especially in children.

H2Ocean explains that sea salt has been used for thousands of years as an antibacterial agent. Many cultures used sea salt to brush their teeth before toothpaste was commercially available. The crystals serve as a natural abrasive that does not hurt the enamel, while the salinity kills off bacteria and maintains a good pH level in the mouth.

Since salt attracts and retains water, H2Ocean’s sea salt mouthwashes benefit those suffering from dry mouth. It leaves a clean feeling inside the mouth, which makes it a more pleasant product to use. Most mouthwashes designed for dry mouth often leave a slimy residue, which many consumers find unpleasant.

Xylitol is another key ingredient that H2Ocean’s mouthwashes contain. This is a natural sweetener that is diabetic-friendly and gives the product a refreshing mouthfeel. Xylitol increases salivary flow, which is essential in relieving the symptoms of dry mouth and sore throat.

The company’s mouthwash also features more than 82 trace minerals that benefit the consumer’s teeth. The product is fluoride-free, but the minerals help keep the consumer’s enamel intact, making it more resistant to plaque and cavities.

H2Ocean’s mouthwashes contain Lysozyme, a natural antibacterial enzyme in a person’s saliva. This provides a protective layer over an individual’s teeth, making it harder for bacteria to latch onto the crevices of the teeth and form cavities. This enzyme neutralizes over 650 types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and serves as the body’s first line of defense against disease.

The mouthwashes come in two flavors: Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice. H2Ocean recommends Arctic Ocean for people who prefer an intense minty flavor and Lemon Ice for those who prefer a more neutral flavor.

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