East Kilbride Diesel Injector Testing For Transport Companies, Service Updated

A company spokesman for Extract Engineering Ltd. explained that commercial transport vehicles and haulage fleets require regular diesel injector testing because these businesses manage hard-working internal combustion units. Now the team has been trained to test and repair the full range of components that make up Delphi’s leading-edge diesel fuel system components.

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Following the latest announcement, Extract Engineering uses the leading edge Hartridge diesel test bench., the AVM-2 PC which runs the Delphi IRIS software, which is recognised within the industry for its injector code accuracy.

Fuel injectors suffer wear and tear over time, with issues often stemming from poor installation, low-quality parts, inadequate fuel filtering, or contaminated fuel. This knowledge has led Extract Engineering to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians who specialise in injector testing, cleaning, repair, refurbishment, and re-coding.

The company’s expertise extends to injectors made by VDO, DENSO, Bosch, and Delphi, making them a trusted partner for transport and haulage companies. As one of only 12 authorised Delphi Commercial Test and Repair Centres in the country, Extract Engineering is qualified to provide the most up-to-date testing regime available.

Additional details are provided at https://www.extractengineering.co.uk/diesel-testing-services/avm

Extract Engineering’s testing equipment includes Hartridge test benches that can handle a wide range of injectors. This allows the team to conduct detailed testing and fault analysis for vehicles across the commercial transport and heavy goods industries, helping companies keep their fleets running efficiently.

About Extract Engineering

The company owner, Steve Jefferson, started his career as a mobile mechanic and has years of experience in fixing problematic diesel injectors. His knowledge of injectors led to the company scaling quickly, and he is regularly invited to test pre-production technology by diesel testing equipment manufacturers across the country.

A spokesperson states: “Testing Delphi diesel injectors is important for a number of reasons. The diesel engines in commercial haulage and transport fleets are possibly the hardest working internal combustion units on the planet.”

As the demand for more efficient and reliable diesel engines grows, Extract Engineering is well positioned to meet the needs of its customers.

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