E-MPS Unveils New Framework To Lower Customer Acquisition Cost & Build Community

The new marketing approach – Emext Marketing – has been developed after more than a year of research and is designed to help local businesses navigate the ever-changing digital world and build loyal communities.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.e-mps.org/emext-marketing-guide

This new approach draws from the top seven consumer-preferred communication channels, including e-mail, social media and chat apps, website, text messaging, voice, direct mail, and face-to-face. This multi-channel strategy helps businesses reach their target audience through their preferred channels, resulting in increased customer acquisition and retention rates.

Lowering customer acquisition costs is a vital objective of the Emext Marketing approach. Therefore, local businesses and marketers are guided to choose the appropriate marketing channels for their brands to communicate with customers as cost-effectively as possible.

The Emext Marketing Guide consists of in-depth analyses that bring clarity to developing online and offline marketing strategies. The guide also provides businesses with an implementation framework comprising three core components: Resource Priority Zone Matrix & Funnel, Emext Value Exchange Network, and The Synergy Engine. Across eight chapters, the Emext Marketing guide covers content ranging from marketing fundamentals to the nuances of push notifications and in-app messaging.

Many innovative businesses have already seen success by implementing elements of Emext Marketing. “The approach has helped us to attract more customers and build a loyal community,” said a satisfied customer.”

The e-mps website also contains other resources, such as blog posts and videos, that businesses can use to understand their target audience better and develop effective marketing strategies. The informative content is based on over 20 years of digital marketing and operational consulting experience.

About e-mps

Established by Michael Holland, a digital marketer and business consultant with over 23 years of experience, e-mps is a cross-channel marketing company supporting brick-and-mortar businesses.

“We understand that local businesses struggle to navigate the digital world, and that’s why we developed our marketing approach,” said a spokesperson for e-mps. “Our new guide provides businesses with the tools they need to create marketing campaigns that are coordinated, focused, and cost-effective. Ultimately, businesses should build success on a solid, data-driven foundation and not get distracted by methods their customers don’t care much about.”

More details about Emext Marketing and other e-mps resources are available at https://www.e-mps.org/emext-marketing-guide

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