E-Commerce Conversion Increase | Lead Capture & Email List Growth System Launch

DefDevice’s new move is designed to grow email lists by generating 150 leads from every 1,000 store visitors. The announcement comes as new industry research shows that 97% of prospects leave a store without making a purchase.

More information can be found at: https://defdevice.com/vlc-ecommerce-conversion-booster

The company explains that a central focus of the update is identifying anonymous site visitors, which can provide additional information for e-commerce store owners. This is then cross-referenced with a database, and a match provides the user with the full name and address of the lead.

This optimized lead generation approach is combined with an email marketing campaign that incorporates the new data. Historically, this has led to an increase in conversion of up to 10 to 20% within the first week of using the system.

One of the primary challenges that e-commerce store owners face is capturing and converting inbound leads, explains DefDevice. It’s easy for visitors to get distracted or click away to do more research, and typically this results in the lead getting lost. The VLC system has been specifically designed as a growth hack to help more store owners scale.

The process begins with a unique script being placed on the company’s website or landing page. The technical adjustments can be made within 24 hours, and then the system can begin increasing lead generation efficiency.

However, DefDevice warns that store owners need at least 10,000 unique visitors to their website per month in order for the process to work as intended. Businesses also need to be within the US.

A spokesperson states: “VLC turns lost visitors into a list of contacts you own. Now you no longer rely on Google or Facebook to communicate with your audience. These are leads that have shown interest in your brand and your products. You can market to them without restrictions again and again.”

Recent case studies provide insights into what new clients can expect when they connect with DefDevice. One shows a wine store saving 85% in CPC, while improving the click rate by 12%. Another demonstrates how a food store was able to grow its list size by seven times.

Interested parties can learn more at: https://defdevice.com/vlc-ecommerce-conversion-booster


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