Dudley Custom Printed Comfortable T-Shirts: Personalised Birthday Design Update

Since 2020, the fashion industry has seen a return to the bohemian, artistic fashion style of the 2000s. To keep up with the current need for self-expression, OK T-Shirt is offering high-quality cotton apparel for customisation.

More details can be found at https://oktshirt.co.uk/

Custom clothing is known to be more expensive than ready-made clothing–and designers cite craftsmanship, precision, and ethics as reasons for this. With the announcement, OK T-Shirt gives UK customers the opportunity to design their own apparel at an affordable price.

The company explains that since custom T-shirts became a popular clothing choice, a lot of printing services have sprung up online. Unsurprisingly, lots of customers find themselves saddled with low-quality, cotton blend T-shirts with designs that fade or crack after several washes.

OK T-Shirt’s products are made of 100% cotton, which is soft and aesthetically pleasing. This material allows for full-colour printing because cotton absorbs and bonds well with dye ink, leaving no room for dye migration.

OK T-Shirt encourages customers to express themselves and create unique designs for various events with its online designer tool. Where customers are unsure of how to bring their ideas to life, the company’s in-house design team will step in to help.

The company uses DGT (Direct To Garment) printing, which is an industry standard for high-quality textile customisation. This technology is more detailed, sustainable, and cost-effective than screen printing. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company uses high-quality ink, in accurate colours.

In addition to individual orders, the company fulfils dropshipping orders for small businesses. It promises to handle the printing, packaging, and posting stages of production. Interested parties can also reach out to the company for collaboration.


OK T-Shirt is a textile customisation company based in Birmingham, UK. It combines DTG printing with high-quality fabrics and other techniques to achieve design accuracy. The company was founded by young people with a passion for design and fashion.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We offer you an environment where you can express yourself as freely as possible. We help you create your own product, which you can make exactly as you prefer, and we allow you to express your originality without borders.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://oktshirt.co.uk/

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