DuckDuckGo Alternative Browser With Censorship Free Integrated Search Launched

The web browser launched at the end of last year and is expanding its scope and functionality in 2023. TUSK now features a totally private and free-speech browsing experience free from the algorithms and censorship that dominate the big three browsers–DuckDuckGo, Brave and Chrome–as well as an integrated search platform and a news media feed. Interested users can now download the app on iOS mobile, Android mobile, Mac desktop and Windows desktop.

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The app is growing at a moment when the debate around free speech and censorship in the United States is intensifying. As former US President Donald Trump recently stated, “The censorship cartel must be dismantled and destroyed and it must happen immediately.” The Republican politician vowed in December that should he be re-elected in 2024, he would enact a series of ambitious and aggressive proposals to reverse the suppression of free speech in the country.

TUSK agrees with his sentiment and has witnessed the growth in censorship in the government, universities, media and tech firms. As such, for those fellow American Patriots who don’t want to wait till 2024 to live in free speech-forward US, they are proud to offer their new alternative browser app.

TUSK’s mission is to create an internet browsing experience that eliminates liberal bias and that gives conservative and right-leaning Americans the opportunity to view the content they want, without restriction.

As such, the app seeks to be more than just a browser. Like its competitors, it comprises a web browser, a built-in search and a breaking news and top stories news feed. This feed can be filtered to only include stories from a user’s most trusted sources.

TUSK combines this with the highest level privacy features and offers their users completely encrypted and secure browsing and searching.

As America enters another year under the governance of the left-wing Democrats, TUSK believes it is imperative that right-wing Americans can still access bias-free news and information.

A spokesperson for the new alternative web browser app said, “TUSK is a web browser app for your mobile device or computer that features an anti-censorship news feed. It has been built by an all-American company with the goal of promoting the idea that America is indeed the land of the Free and Brave.”

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5383 Hollister Ave., Suite 120

United States

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