Drycake Twister Releases Free 2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar

Drycake Twister has today released a free Calendar titled: “2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar”. This new calendar aims to give recycling business managers a humorous cartoon each month to print out and hang on their office walls. The artist has been inspired by AI graphics to produce a set of cartoons that are off-beat, and sometimes black in humor. The sponsoring company Drycake Twister and creator Steve Last hope it will bring amusement to the growing food and organic waste reprocessing industry throughout 2023.

The calendar has been made openly available and at no cost by Drycake. It’s available to the general public, thought leaders within the Waste Processing Equipment Engineering (Depackager Organic Separator) market, and anyone with interest in a Free 2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar.

A paid-for version is also available which may be purchased as a hard-copy traditional wall calendar from the LuLu Book and Ebook company.

The report was also written with a specific focus on Business Managers and Plant Operators in Organic Waste Processing from Food Waste Processors to anaerobic digestion plant operators.

Steve Last (IPPTS Associates) and Mark Vanderbeken (Drycake Twister), creators of the calendar, believe “the waste recycling market is at a crucial point in its vital role of raising recycling rates, reducing the use of resources, and diverting waste away from landfill and up the waste hierarchy chain”.

The waste management industry’s mission is not only to decarbonize the industry itself but to contribute to reducing business greenhouse gas emissions overall and reduce the use of finite primary resources.

This calendar is intended to promote the use of improved machines for organic waste recycling, both for the use of the pulp, or organic soup, in the biogas industry and for recycling what is known as the “rejects” from organic waste depackaging and separation equipment.

This includes, for the first time, also routinely recycling plastics in food waste including plastic film.

The sponsor hopes also to convey the message through humor that far from food waste household/ curbside collection being a burden on the ratepayer it can generate a net cost saving and an industry of profitable sustainable waste reprocessing businesses.”

When asked about why they released the report at this time, Mark Vanderbeken, Chairman at Drycake, said: “The best depackaging machines can mean the difference between food waste being a liability on a waste processing/ recycling business to a substantial revenue generator now that landfill disposal charges exceed $100/tonne in many countries and yet more are moving toward banning organic waste to landfill entirely.”

Interested parties can find the report ready to download (pdf files), for free, at https://anaerobic-digestion.com/calendar

Drycake was founded in 1995 and Mark is the business founder and Twister Patent holder within the Waste Processing Equipment Engineering (Depackager Organic Separator) Industry. The business is best known for being small enough to care about each customer while also providing proven and extremely reliable equipment from a full range designed in total to serve the organics processing (recycling) industry.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the opportunity to produce such a free 2023 Recycling (and Depackaging) Industry Cartoon Calendar. It has spent thousands on developing the unique Twister process which uses a vertical rotating spindle and both water and air to knock, bash, and spin-clean the non-food-waste found in all source segregated waste organic waste, in one compact unit, without shredding and hammering. This means that the production of small plastics (e.g. microplastic particles) is avoided and packaging, bottles, cans, etc., are ejected almost whole, making subsequent sorting of the rejects much easier.

Simultaneously, the organic content (pulp) is strained in the Twister unit and outputs at an optimum water content for the anaerobic digestion industry to feed it into their digesters. This is a premium biogas digester feedstock and is much sought after by Anaerobic Digestion Facility operators.

So much has changed since 2021 and such steeply rising energy prices. This industry has seen AD-plant-ready organic pulp rise in value from being a cost (for “gate-fee disposal”) to having a value of about $20/tonne (for example in the UK) as a high calorific, high biogas-producing food for the methane-producing digester bio-organisms. As a result, ROI values on depackaging equipment can now be short.

The calendar aims to give recycling business managers a humorous cartoon each month by printing out and hanging this wall calendar on their office walls. It gives valuable information to the reader that may ultimately benefit them in a time of such uncertainty globally, a certain amount of crazy humor can raise the spirits of most people and make each day a little more pleasant. There is nothing like a laugh, or even just a smile to improve any day! But, this insight simply wouldn’t be possible, or the points made nearly as effective, without the over 25 years spent in the Waste Processing Equipment Engineering (Depackager Organic Separator) world so far.

More information on Drycake Twister can be found at https://www.twisterseparator.com/

The printable files for the “2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar” can be downloaded at https://anaerobic-digestion.com/calendar

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