Dr. Robert W. Sheffield On Lucidly Portraying the Disparities between Surgical and Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Dr. Sheffield Enlightens the Differences between Surgical and Nonsurgical Brow Lift Procedure

Santa Barbara, CA: Dr. Robert W. Sheffield has already gained a prominent name across Santa Barbara. But, now, he has taken a step ahead with informing individuals requiring brow lift procedures about the different surgical and nonsurgical brow lift surgery.

Dr. Sheffield starts his comparison analysis by mentioning that the main difference between the surgical and nonsurgical brow lifts is that one requires a surgical procedure, unlike the other. He further describes these brow lift procedures liberate people from heavy and saggy eyebrows and deep furrows. Besides, clients achieve a more youthful and smoother appearance on the upper portion of their faces. But, the nonsurgical method achieves the same results with dermal fillers, botox, platelet-rich plasma, laser therapy, and radiofrequency treatments.

Being highly experienced in surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, the doctor hasn’t forgotten to evaluate these treatment methods in the parameter of associated risks. He stated, “Complications like allergic reactions due to anesthesia, infections, and bleeding problems often occur to patients opting for the surgical method. But, the nonsurgical method isn’t completely out of risk factors, too, with risks of swelling, itching, infection, and bruising. But, the nonsurgical brow lift is often preferred as it’s comparably safer.”

Dr. Sheffield Talks Out about How Long Brow Lift Surgery Result Generally Stay

In the words of Robert W. Sheffield, patients who experienced brow lifts can expect to notice results within a week. But, surgical procedures defeat nonsurgical means by a wide margin concerning how long results will last. According to the doctor, nonsurgical methods can keep patients’ faces appear more youthful for around two years. But, for surgeries, the expectancy escalates to about 10 to 12 years.

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