Dojo Fish – Diving Deep into the NFT World

Dojo Fish is the latest NFT collectible character project. Unlike generic and spin-off projects flooding the market, Dojo Fish has a well-known animation director behind the design, a complex gaming ecosystem, and a plan to truly transform the NFT space. This project is created by entertainment and sports industry executives, entrepreneurs, and a Super Bowl champion. The team plans on franchising the property, releasing multiple airdrops, and developing a token (which Dojo fish holders will get early access to). Each one of the unique ten thousand characters will become playable in a web GL based fighting game. Dojo Fish co-founder Justin Taines adds, “We have big plans for this flagship project, and if it gets the warm reception that we hope for, we want to develop the IP into a show.”

Unmatched NFT Art

Prior to the widespread adoption of NFTs, digital art was often underestimated as non-exclusive in nature and easily replicated. The opposite is now true thanks to the advent of digital proof of ownership combined with the simple authentication of non-fungible tokens.

Unlike other NFT projects with deliberately low quality imagery or limited aesthetic, Dojo Fish offers a fresh visual language inspired by retro and vintage animation and designed by the highly talented animation director, Aaron Blaise.

The vibrant colours and expressive figures of Dojo Fish were created by the Academy Award-nominated Disney director of Brother Bear and the artist behind some of Disney’s most cherished characters. Blaise was a member of the Walt Disney animation team for over two decades, contributing to some of the studio’s most famous films during the Disney Renaissance and post-Renaissance era, such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Mulan.

Social Impact of Dojo Fish

More than just an NFT project, Dojo Fish aims to become an impactful project by donating proceeds to fund art school scholarships among other charities. Dojo Fish’s creators also pledge to offset the environmental footprint of the project through carbon credits and carbon reduction projects.

As energy consumption and gas fees severely limit the existing Ethereum blockchain (a known network issue prior to the launch of Ethereum 2.0), Dojo Fish will use a special ETH contract that reduces minting fees by as much as 70%, which in turn will reduce environmental impact. “I’m always looking to make positive changes to the space, so I hope that our consumers will also see the value of our cause by reducing energy consumption during the mint,” Dojo Fish’s lead developer, Toby Gu, added.

A Roadmap That Scales

Dojo Fish will publish its lite paper next month, followed by a white paper that will provide additional information surrounding the game concept, mechanics, and tokenomics that underpin the Dojo Fish play-to-earn ecosystem. Dojo Fish’s creators will also reveal sneak peaks of the game itself.

Dojo Fish mints at the end of February 2022 and is planning a token launch at the beginning of Q2. According to their website’s official roadmap, owners will be eligible for unique holder-only bonuses including airdrops, early token access, and in-game items.

The team will work with the community to help refine the game mechanics into an MVP. Holders will be able to beta test, offer feedback, and engender real change before the public release. The final product will be broadcast live on Twitch, led by co-founder and NFL Star, Robert J. Turbin.

It’s great to see more transparency in the NFT space, projects like Dojo Fish are blazing the trail with concrete plans while still leaving room for growth.

Gaming Dynamics

“Fish Beat Down” is Dojo Fish’s unofficial game title, until the community participates to rename it. In this web-based game, owners can earn money in a play-to-earn ecosystem inspired by classic fighting games such as Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. Through a variety of combinations and special techniques, gameplay will focus on a peer-to-peer tournament. Unlike traditional games where players are required to purchase the right to access the product, blockchain gaming puts an interesting spin on the industry as it provides gamers with the potential to earn from the same experience.

Dojo Fish holders have the opportunity to level up their characters through logging gameplay hours to improve their playability. These individual playable attributes will differentiate characters as they earn more experience, which will inherently make certain Dojo Fish more unique and highly desirable.

Dojo Fish has assembled a first-class group of experienced professionals who will handle every part of the project and gameplay. If the teams behind the development of the game follow the track record of the founders, then this project is set to become a smash hit in 2022.

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