Doha Sandwich Roof & Wall Panels For Outdoor Cabins, Composite Range Update

Qatar Steel Industries Factory has expanded its range of services and is announcing the manufacture of sandwich roof and wall panels. The company can provide polyurethane sandwich panels for outdoor cabins, warehouses, and a variety of other applications.

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The new sandwich panels are designed as robust options that can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are suitable for both hot and cold weather, and the polyurethane material is an ideal fire retardant, providing additional protection in areas at risk of fire hazards.

Another benefit of these panels is their rust and corrosion-free properties, explains the company. The panels are galvanized to ensure that they remain rust and corrosion-free for a long time, making them a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for any structure. Furthermore, they have double skin thickness for sound dampening – ideal for use in buildings that require a high level of sound insulation.

Finally, the sandwich roof and wall panels are portable and easy to assemble for improved suitability for temporary and movable applications. They are also customizable, with a range of color options available, including white, green, red, and blue.

Affordable and durable, the sandwich panels are a versatile solution for any construction project: “The Double Skin Wall Panel is ideal for projects like cold storage, warehousing, security cabins, office spaces, residential units, beach houses and sport complexes, the color of the wall panel can be customized to suit the required theme or aesthetic requirements,” said a company representative. “Due to its properties, such projects are made possible in regions with extreme weather conditions and high levels of environmental damage. Wall panels Require little to no maintenance and last many years, ensuring little to no maintenance costs.”

With the latest announcement, Qatar Steel Industries Factory continues to expand its range of finished and semi-finished steel products for clients in Qatar and throughout the world. Founded in 1980, the company is one of the leading steel manufacturers in Doha.

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