Dog Treats For Joint Pain Relief: Lab Tested Broad Spectrum Hemp Launched

The newly updated line of treats is USDA-certified organic, vegan, and alcohol-free. Formulated with non-psychoactive hemp oil and virgin olive oil, Organic Hemp Tincture from Pet Vets Rx is a third-party-tested nutrient-rich dietary oil that is a tasty treat dogs and cats enjoy, and a natural source of joint pain relief.

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More than a decade of studies continues to show hemp helps decrease anxiety and stress in pets, and helps reduce inflammation that often leads to pain. With an update in their line of treats, Pet Vets Rx now offers a special broad-spectrum hemp tincture that both rewards cats and dogs while helping keep joint pain at bay.

On the heels of federal legalization in 2018, hemp has become the focus of extensive research. Returns have been particularly favorable for dogs, cats, and humans, suggesting hemp has the potential to address a range of ailments that include anxiety, depression inflammation, and even diseases such as cancer.

Hemp contains the naturally occurring chemical compound Phytocannabinoids along with over 100 different active substances researchers are only beginning to understand.

Phytocannabinoids appear to present a variety of health benefits on their own, and, when combined with other treatments, offer enhanced health benefits. This is known as the entourage effect and is what differentiates a broad-spectrum pet treat from a supplement that isolates concentrated properties.

Hemp is not a psychoactive intervention but rather a drug-free, natural compound made from pressed seeds.

The 450mg Organic Hemp Tincture for dogs and cats from Pet Vets Rx is a regular strength treat and supplement with wide-ranging immediate and long-term mental and physical benefits.

A company representative says “More and more evidence suggests hemp extract can help with seizures, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and pain due to inflammation, as well as irritable bowel disease and sleep. Research also shows hemp can suppress the growth and replication of cancer cells. Tasty hemp treats are both good, and good for our beloved pets.”

With the addition of the broad-spectrum Organic Hemp Tinctures and treats to their line of natural products, Pet Vets Rx offers pet owners a natural solution to their pets’ joint pain in the form of a tasty reward cats and dogs won’t shy away from.

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