Dmitry Sokolov’s Expansion In The Blockchain World And The Purchase of SOLDO CONSTANT LTD

Dmitry Sokolov’s Expansion In The Blockchain World And The Purchase of SOLDO CONSTANT LTD

The company SOLDO CONSTANT LTD will be sold to the head of the company BEYOND PAY – Dmitry Sokolov with headquarters on the island of Cyprus. On August 15, 2022, it became known that Dmitry Sokolov will become the new owner of the entire structure of SOLDO CONSTANT LTD (BENED), which has been working under the leadership of Boris Batalov with an office in Dublin since 2020.

On August 22, 2022 , Bened published a new message on their website:
“Dear friends! A truly grandiose event took place today. Our company “SOLDO CONSTANT LTD” has completed the merger with the company “BEONPAY LTD”. We are very pleased that Mr. Dmitry Sokolov, who is the founder of BEONPAY LTD, has become our partner. Dmitry Sokolov is the holder of the certificate of the Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission and is included in the public register of certified persons CYSEC. In addition, Dmitry has long been an executive director of a company that is part of an international financial group headquartered in Vienna, providing brokerage and depository services and managing assets worth more than $ 1 billion. In addition, Dmitry has the necessary knowledge about the regulation of financial instrument markets and is well versed in the laws on the prevention and suppression of money laundering and securities laws.”

For Dmitry Sokolov, the acquisition of the Bened company’s business was the next step in the expansion of Beyond Pay in the blockchain market.

In turn, Bened CEO Boris Batalov speaks about the importance of transferring the business to a strong player: “it is important to transfer the business into the hands of a reliable player with a strong reputation and excellent further development prospects.”

The company SOLDO CONSTANT, specializes in the world chronicle of events in the blockchain system around the world. Bened is a blockchain platform for decentralized storage of recorded events. Events are loaded by burning BND coins in the proportion of 10 billion per 1 kilobyte of event information. a unique peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency. The improved Bened proof-of-timestake algorithm is an impeccable implementation of the “coin age” concept, resistant to all possible attacks on the blockchain in order to falsify transactions and generate new coins. The total number of available coins is distributed on the genesis account in the form of a negative balance of anti-coins. A hybrid cryptographic system Curve25519 with SHA256 hashing algorithms is used. The average block generation rate is 60 seconds. Transactions are considered safe after 10 confirmations.

According to the sources of the XT exchange, Bened’s profit for 2021-22 amounted to 9.8 billion BND.

Beyond Pay not only buys out SOLDO, but also becomes the main partner of the company. negotiations on this deal have been conducted for more than a year, this is stated in the open message of the Bened brand. Dmitry Sokolov is taking over not only the company’s business models, including hard mining and soft mining models, but also server capacities and the entire staff of developers with the preservation of jobs.

“We very much hope that the extensive knowledge of Mr. Dmitry Sokolov and the blessed air of Cyprus will allow us to embody the best traditions of the past and present and help us gain the power of the golden solid in the future. — Bened”

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