DLV Vision First to Implant Innovative ClearView 3 Multifocal IOL in California

Westlake Village, California – DLV Vision is the first practice in California to implant the ClearView 3 Multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) for cataract patients. Produced by Lenstec, and only recently FDA approved for sale, the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens uses unique technology to mitigate side effects associated with older generation multifocal IOLs for cataract surgery patients. As California’s first carrier of the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens, DLV Vision continues to trailblaze as a top provider of surgical cataract care.

“We’re very excited to bring this new IOL technology to our patients,” said Paul Dougherty, M.D., the medical director of DLV Vision and a leading cataract and refractive surgeon. “Exceptional cataract care is something we’re constantly investing in, and we’re honored to be the first to offer the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens in California. This new lens is especially innovative as it allows for distance and close vision out of the same eye, while having fewer side effects than its contemporaries.”

What distinguishes the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens is its novel muti-focal construction: its segmentation across the lens, rather than concentric circles. This design bypasses the halos and glare associated with concentric circle IOLs, eliminating the loss of light. Because the brain doesn’t need to work as hard to adapt to the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens, it avoids common issues like lowered contrast and light sensitivity, image jumping, and image overlap.

Simply put: The ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens provides patients with high-contrast, crisp vision that doesn’t interfere with nighttime driving, reading in bright places, or other light-sensitive activities.

“We’re very pleased with the results of clinical trials using the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens,” said Dr. Dougherty. “It provides very high-quality near vision, as well as distance and midrange sight, making this IOL a great choice for a great variety of patients. It addresses a long-standing issue with existing IOLs, so patients won’t require any glasses, including readers. In the FDA study, 93% of patients were independent of corrective eyewear for distance, computer, and near vision after implantation in both eyes!

Traditionally, IOLs have struggled to correct very close vision. In cataract patients, independence from glasses is a primary metric used to evaluate IOL quality and its effectiveness on their quality of life post-implantation.

DLV Vision began using the IOL in September 2022, with hopes that the cutting-edge technology will bring fantastic eyesight to more cataract surgery patients. They are now taking appointments for the ClearView 3 Multifocal Lens at every DLV location, with surgeries taking place at their center in Thousand Oaks.

About DLV Vision

DLV Vision, is a patient-first surgical and eye care practice with a focus on cataracts, LASIK, glaucoma, retina, and dry eye disease. They maintain offices across southern California, emphasizing their belief that advanced, custom solutions for each of their patients provide better results.

For more information, visit https://www.doughertylaservision.com/cataract-surgery/.

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