DJ Rishi Love unveils her secret of becoming a successful music producer and a fashion entrepreneur

The creative professionals of this generation are smart enough to grasp new things. Especially the youth of today have taken their creativity a notch higher. Rishi Love is one such talented name of the music industry. She is a music producer from South Africa. Known for her DJing skills, the versatile musical artist has released an array of original tracks in collaboration with other artists.

Born and brought up in Johannesburg, the 30-year old DJ released her track ‘Groove is what I feel’ earlier in November 2021. Inspired by her love for music, the song was very well received by the listeners. Interestingly, DJ Rishi Love has pursued a degree in B.Comm Law and is also an entrepreneur by profession. Besides being a prolific musical artist, DJ Rishi Love is a fashion designer. She co-owns a streetwear brand named ‘RAION’ with her partner and boyfriend Ryan Sexton, This brand was started with her immense love for fashion and styling.

As much as she is fascinated by music, the DJ is equally passionate about fashion. In an exclusive interview, DJ Rishi Love candidly speaks about balancing work between her professions, her forthcoming plans and much more.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Q: When did you realise your calling for music?

A: I have been an ardent fan of music since my childhood. While growing up, I listened to different music genres. The upbeat tunes always uplifted my mood which ignited my love for music. DJing happened later in my life when I explored different places and witnessed performances and live shows of DJs, singers and performers.

Q: What does music mean to you?

A: To keep it simple, music is an escape from the chaos. It makes me feel lively and realise the fact that the purpose of my life is to explore different horizons of music. If you see, there are different kinds of music for different situations. It is perhaps the best thing for any musical artist.

Q: How did you get into fashion?

A: Honestly, my fashion sense grew with time. During my teenage years, I loved experimenting with looks and welcomed new style files. Among different types of fashion, streetwear fashion always left me impressed. As a result, I later established my streetwear fashion brand RAION. We have a team consisting of different creative personalities including skateboarders, graffiti artists, DJs and other artists.

Q: What’s next for you in the fashion space?

A: Well, currently my focus is to grow RAION into a huge fashion label. We will be unveiling the launch of newer fashion outfits for our customers this year. In November 2021, I started a retail streetwear store called SPRMRKT. The apparel store is located in the heart of Cape Town in South Africa. My goal is to bring out the best of streetwear fashion in the years to come.

Q: Do you have any new music releases coming up?

A: Certainly! There are many new releases in the pipeline including “Stars” through TurnLeft Recordings, a South African label. The track will release on 21st January, 2022. While my recently released track was ‘Groove Is What I Feel’. It was released on November 19, 2021. Good tunes have always grabbed my attention. Lately, I am spending my time by the sea enjoying the breeze of the air while I work on producing new musical projects. Nature has been a true inspirational force for me. I cannot wait to produce newer musical hits and remixes this year.

have a new release coming out on the 21st of Jan 2022 called “Stars” through TurnLeft Recordings, a South African label that I’m Signed to.

Q: How do you cope up with your professions as a DJ producer and a fashion entrepreneur?

A: All that matters is how smart you are in time management. I believe that discipline is a life skill, and I have mastered it these years. For me, music and fashion go hand in hand. They are interlinked with each other. I work towards my goals as per my dedicated timelines. I ensure to never overlap my schedules. That’s how I work towards my life goals and achieve them over time. I don’t like to mix two different worlds as it would create clutter in my professional life.

Q: Any advice for the budding artists?

A: Umm! I am a very ambitious person. I have always strived for excellence on professional grounds. My advice to amateur artists would be to stay authentic to their craft. Focus on one thing at a time. Many people tell me that they want to be versatile and learn the art of managing different professions. I would want to tell them to understand the working patterns before thinking of being a master of all trades. Don’t put your eggs in one basket – This is the mantra I have followed for years and would want aspiring artists to follow to succeed in life.