DIY Sewing Patterns & Lessons Membership, Children’s Costume Designs Launched

The new platform has been founded by a long-time American seamstress Molly McGuire, who is on a mission to share the secrets of the craft that she has spent her professional career developing. In doing so, she has created Sewing Patterns Secrets, a growing database of sewing projects for sewists of all levels, and a comprehensive online classroom with lessons and tutorials that focus on both beginner and more advanced sewing skills.

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The launch of her new easy-to-use sewing patterns and lessons membership platform draws on the latest research about why people try to start learning new things, and why they stop. As a recent article on Medium described, people often give up quickly on new skills, like sewing, because they don’t know where to begin, they don’t think they will ever get good at it, and the learning process doesn’t feel enjoyable.

Molly McGuire has taken all of these common concerns into account in the development of Sewing Patterns Secrets, which is a tool for aspiring and beginner sewists who need help getting started and acquiring the basic skills, feel daunted by how hard sewing might be, and want to learn in a way that is genuinely fun.

In order to make the sewing journey as fun, simple and easy as possible, Sewing Patterns Secrets is stacked with one-hour projects that can be taken from concept to execution in just one hour or less.

With each sewing machine pattern and project idea, the membership platform also includes a step-by-step instruction list, a cutting and material list, and detailed project schematics so a sewist never feels lost, confused, or alone. Molly McGuire has also partnered her patterns with useful tutorials and lessons in the platform’s online school.

Sewing Patterns Secrets LLC is constantly expanding its repertoire of patterns, project ideas, and courses. As such, they are proud to have just released a new set of designs for children’s dress-up costumes, including a selection of particularly cute and easy-to-make children’s sheriff vests– for the child who wants to be a police officer, cowboy, or construction worker.

A spokesperson for the database said, “With Sewing Patterns Secrets you will experience the joy and satisfaction of knowing with 100% certainty that your project will turn out exactly the way you want it to look and feel.”

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