DIY Sewing Patterns Database With Children’s Hippie Vest Lessons Launched

The do-it-yourself sewing patterns database has online lessons, courses, and tutorials to help beginner home sewist parents on their journey towards sewing expertise. Sewing Patterns Secrets also provides step-by-step instructions, material and cutting lists, and garment schematics with each sewing machine pattern in order to ensure that busy parents can successfully complete every sewing project they start.

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Sewing Patterns Secrets believes that home-sewn clothing and costumes are a much more sustainable and ethical choice for parents to make. They also believe that sewing for one’s children can be a truly fun and rewarding process if a parent has access to all the tools and support they need.

That’s why with all of their sewing patterns and DIY sewing ideas, the online membership database connects home sewist parents with all the information and resources they need, all written and explained in plain English.

Sewing Patterns Secrets is on a mission to make sewing not only easy and achievable for parents, but also fun. As such, in addition to their expansive collection of children’s clothing patterns – including for girls’ and boys’ tops, shorts, jumpers, hoodies, leggings, and more -they also now have patterns for children’s dress-up costumes.

These include cheerful, one-of-a-kind pieces that have been designed to elicit hours of fun and play, like their children’s hippie vests. Sewing Patterns Secrets is confident that this easy-to-sew and joyful pattern will take a family’s children back to the swinging sixties and will have everyone saying ‘groovy baby’.

Sewing Patterns Secrets LLC is available to sewist parents on a membership basis. In addition to their children’s clothing and costume patterns, they have DIY project kits for a host of adult clothing, arts and crafts pieces, and more.

A spokesperson for the sewing membership database said, “With ‘hold-you-by-your-hand’ detailed instructions, step-by-step patterns, instructional videos and a wealth of other resources, Sewing Patterns Secrets gives you everything you need to produce stunning results. You can take on all of our projects at your own pace, including our new kid’s projects, and develop and improve your skills and techniques. This will help you tackle any type of sewing project you can possibly think of.”

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