DIY Sewing Ideas Instructions & Courses For Children’s Tux Vest Launched

The online membership platform contains over 125 different sewing machine patterns, which have been paired with step-by-step instructions and online skills acquisition courses. Ranging from the simple to the advanced, Sewing Patterns Secrets believes its new database is the secret to sewing high-quality, professional-looking garments and pieces with ease.

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In particular, the platform has launched a new collection of patterns for children’s clothing. Sewist Patterns Secrets’ head seamstress, Molly McGuire, believes that when it comes to children’s clothing and accessories, there is no substitute for the quality of a handmade piece, nor for the love that goes into its construction.

However, Molly McGuire also appreciates that the parents of young children are likely to be more time-poor than ever, which is why they have carefully curated their pattern, instruction, and course guides to ensure that even a sophisticated design can be executed quickly and easily.

Included in the database’s new children’s clothing range is their new line of children’s formal wear. One highlight of this line is their new children’s tux vest. This piece has been designed with wedding ring bearers, page boys, and other special events and occasions in mind. The pattern can be completed in as little as one hour and can be scaled to suit toddlers and children up to the age of 12.

Should sewists want to create garments for themselves, Sewing Patterns Secrets similarly has patterns for everyday attire, accessories, and formalwear for adults.

Members of Sewing Patterns Secrets LLC will immediately gain access to their full suite of sewing machine patterns, instructions, and online courses and tutorials. All of their projects also come with additional benefits like material and cutting lists and detailed garment schematics.

A spokesperson for Molly McGuire, the platform’s head seamstress, said, “Our one-of-a-kind platform walks you step-by-step through every sewing project. We have ‘done-for-you’ sewing patterns for over 125 different projects and we also give you a lifetime of monthly free sewing patterns to ensure you’ll never run out of projects or ideas.”

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