DIY Pest Control Poses Hazards; Tips On Safe Pesticide Use

Bentonville, AR – Many people try to save money by doing their own pest control. While investing in quarterly pest control and termite control services is usually the smarter choice, there are ways to handle pest control safely. Bentonville, AR-based Alder Pest Control says that it is a matter of paying attention and using common sense.

Pesticides are dangerous to humans and domestic animals alike, say representatives from Alder Pest Control. The Northwest Arkansas pest control provider notes, however, that people attempting to get rid of a pest problem on their own can do so safely through a combination of prevention, proper disposal, and other safety measures.

According to Alder Pest Control, most homeowners can greatly diminish their pest problem with a few common-sense prevention methods. The company recommends starting by cleaning and eliminating food, water, and shelter sources. Garbage cans should be tightly covered, leaking faucets fixed, and clutter, especially cardboard and paper, should be disposed of properly. Pest control technicians also recommend that homeowners take a weekend to fill cracks in caulk and seal points of entry around windows, doors, and other openings.

Pesticide users should also prioritize safe application of chemicals. This means keeping children and pets away for several hours (or according to the manufacturer’s directions). The company also recommends applying chemicals to targeted locations as opposed to an entire perimeter or room. Fogging devices should be used sparingly, and homeowners should confirm their chemical of choice is approved for residential use.

Alder Pest Control further recommends using safe storage and disposal methods. Homeowners are advised to read containers, follow instructions, and dispose of their hazardous wastes in designated collection bins or as instructed by their local public service department. The company also cautions against storing pesticides in non-approved containers, such as milk jugs or glass jars.

Another important step toward DIY pest control is paying close attention to chemical dilution and volume. Alder Pest Control explains that more is not better in the scenario, and most pesticides are equally or more effective when sprayed according to instructions rather than doubled up on in hopes of killing more critters.

Alder Pest Control also emphasizes that pesticides can be harmful to beneficial animals, such as bees and snakes. While bees can sting, they are crucial to the environment; and, although snakes are scary, they eat rodents, making them a valuable partner in a homeowner’s pest control endeavors.

Homeowners with termite problems should consult a termite control services provider. Termites are exponentially difficult to get rid of, and they require experience, equipment, and an eye for detail that homeowners may not have. Termites may require special chemicals known as termiticides, which are typically not available to retail consumers. As a general rule of thumb, Alder Pest Control recommends that homeowners work with a licensed pest control company if they suspect even an early-stage termite infestation.

Ultimately, homeowners are encouraged to try and use chemical-free mitigation tactics when possible. Sometimes, simply cleaning the garage or eliminating entry points is all it takes to get pests down to a manageable level. For those that insist on taking matters into their own hands, Alder Pest Control encourages responsible pesticide usage.

Alder Pest Control offers quarterly pest control services, termite inspections, and more throughout Northwest Arkansas including to home and business owners in Rogers, Lowell, Bentonville, Bella Vista, and the surrounding areas. For more information on pest control services, visit

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