DIY Doll Sewing Project Kits With Instructions For Seamstresses Launched

The online hub is constantly adding to their expansive collection of sewing machine patterns and one hour project ideas. Now, Sewing Patterns Secrets is branching into arts and crafts projects, like do-it-yourself doll projects, which they believe are the perfect activity to bring a family together on a quiet weekend.

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The launch of their new arts and crafts DIY project kits coincides with the latest research regarding the benefits of parents sharing hobbies with their children. As a recent article on Creative Children explained, if a parent has a hobby, or hobbies, that they actively and regularly engage with, they will help their children’s development.

As Creative Children cited, new research shows that children who grow up in a hobby-oriented household – especially when those hobbies are shared between generations – will become more confident and more creative. They will also learn patience, self-discipline, and team-working skills, and are likely to be happier and more bonded with their family.

It is these tangible and varied benefits that Sewing Patterns Secrets has kept in mind with the development of their new family arts and crafts projects. Each new project, including their cute new DIY dolls, has been designed so that it can be completed in as little as one hour, and so that children of all ages can be involved in the creative process.

To make life simpler for busy parents, Sewing Patterns Secrets also includes a complete instruction list in each sewing project kit, as well as material and cutting lists, project schematics, and corresponding online lessons.

All the materials inside the kit are printable and have been created to be easy to execute.

Other new arts and crafts project kits on Sewing Patterns Secrets LLC include stuffed toys, stuffed animals, children’s dress-up costumes, kid’s hair accessories, and more.

A spokesperson for the new online sewing machine patterns platform said, “Sewing Pattern Secrets makes it easy to create clothing both for and with your entire family, along with lots of other sewing arts and crafts projects. We have great projects no matter whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience.”

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