Discover Facebook Marketplace ‘buy and sell’

The social media giant has introduced ”Facebook Marketplace” where users can buy and sell anything with their communities. Facebook Marketplace allows users to discover items for sale nearby, make bids, message sellers, post items for sale, and more.

The idea came out from people’s behaviors over the past few years as people tend to buy and sell products on Facebook Groups.

This activity started in Facebook Groups and has grown substantially. More than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups each month — from families in a local neighborhood to collectors around the world.

So Facebook tapped into the opportunity to make the platform more engaging and worth visiting every day by providing “Marketplace” to help people make more of being on Facebook, to discover, buy and sell items with other people.

It’s important to comply with Facebook rules and community standards, you should not post prohibited items on Facebook Marketplace to avoid getting kicked out of the platform.

Facebook Marketplace is a place for people to buy and sell items within their local communities. Today in the U.S., more than one in three people on Facebook use Marketplace, buying and selling products in categories ranging from cars to electronics, clothes to furniture.

Facebook Marketplace’s AI-Powered Suggestions

It’s now easier and faster than before to shop on Marketplace; for instance, if a seller wants to sell an item, Marketplace could use AI to help him sell it faster by suggesting prices based on what similar items recently sold for. It will also automatically categorize the item based on the photo and description.

The auto-suggest feature should help boost listings on Marketplace. Before the feature was enabled, 7 to 9 percent of sellers abandoned the process without completing their listings, the company said in a blog post.

Facebook is also testing camera features that would enable users to take pictures of items and find them using Marketplace’s AI-Powered suggestions.

The company is also using AI to support Marketplace’s security by detecting and removing listing that violates Facebook policies.

Buyers and Sellers can now rate each other to signal whether they had a good or bad experience and leave feedback on improving response time, friendliness, and reliability. The feature is available only for the Facebook app on iOS and Android.

“Vehicles is one of the most popular categories for Marketplace globally, alongside furniture and electronics,” said Deborah Liu, VP, Marketplace.

Besides adding new AI features, Facebook has added various content from businesses, including cars, home rentals, home services, and shopping and deals from e-commerce merchants.

If you have fallen victim to the Facebook Marketplace glitch, Facebook has addressed the issue to help lock out users – The fix comes in less than 24 hours after submitting an appeal form.

In the past few months, Facebook Marketplace users have reported reeling in dread having been locked out of their accounts due to a major glitch in the system. We’ve investigated the bug, and below is all you need to know about this Facebook bug.

It provides a great way for business people and ordinary people to get rid of unwanted property to tap into a ready market in their communities. On the other hand, buyers got a chance to browse and shop and get into direct contact with the sellers for a more personal touch to the transaction.

Functioned without any major flaws or faults. However, here’s what happened next.

In Mid-2017, users started to report that their accounts were blocked from using Facebook. The problem mainly affected those trying to use the Marketplace feature to sell different items. However, a few other users complained about getting blocked despite having no interaction whatsoever with Marketplace.

People would find themselves unable to log onto their accounts for anywhere between 72 hours and a week or even more.

This major malfunction caused quite an online frenzy, with many users coming forward with similar complaints. At the time, Daily Star wrote that Facebook responded by releasing an update claimed to have cleared the bug.

However, users still seem to be experiencing this problem, with some of those affected at first still not having received access to their accounts.

The solution can be found on the Digital Boom website, they have explained the issue and provided ways to solve it.