Discover and Maximize Personal and Professional Potential Through Next up Coaching’s Mindfulness and Life Coach Services in Toronto, ON

Toronto, ONNext Up Coaching provides professional life and mindfulness coaching services to help individuals discover and maximize their full potential in their personal and professional lives. The services are personalized and tailored to the client’s unique needs. Each coach takes time to get to know their client beforehand and has a free 15-minute discovery call where they chat about the client’s current status, aspirations, and the tools they need to make their dreams a reality.

The life coach Toronto team offers both in-person group coaching via customized workshops in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and one-on-one virtual coaching for life coaching and mindfulness coaching to anyone in Canada or in the USA.

The coaching team consists of Betsy Dwight, with a Masters of Arts in degree in Counseling Psychology, she offers mindfulness coaching in which she helps her clients bring mindfulness skills and awareness into their daily lives. Mindfulness coaching assists clients to reach their highest potential by learning to slow down and experience the present moment in order to effectively navigate life’s obstacles. Alexandra Herzog who, in addition to helping people of all ages get unstuck and advance in their lives and careers, also specializes in working with artists, athletes and performers. These clients often struggle with issues like perfectionism, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and uncertainty. The performer specialized coaching helps artists and athletes manage the unpredictability of auditions, losses and rejections and provides clear directions for handling the many ups and downs of their careers.

Both coaches offer real-life experiences from their own journeys, having worked to exceed their own limitations in the past to get to where they are now. Their coaching approach involves actionable steps that they develop with each client to track the client’s growth throughout their life coaching journey.

Next Up Coaching provides a friendly and confidential environment where clients can freely discuss their deepest aspirations. The mindfulness coach and life coach equips every client with the skills needed to deal with their own unique obstacles and create a clear path forward.

Next Up life and mindfulness coaching services help individuals confront and conquer a fear of failure, adapt to rejection, and take the reins to reach their personal desired life outcomes. The mindfulness education program fosters the knowledge and development of mindfulness and meditation skills which can be used by clients to foster calmness, inner resilience and self-compassion. Through insightful coaching, clients can unlock their inner potential, gain confidence and achieve remarkable personal and career transformations.

On the company website, the founders stated this about their life coaching services.

“We’re Alexandra and Betsy, certified life coaches by Life Coaching and Meditation. We know that sometimes where you want to be in life seems so far away. And where you are now seems like too much to handle. But, you do have what it takes to get there. A huge part of our coaching centers around building a healthy and empowered mindset, so you can go after your dreams with confidence. We also help you develop skills and tools to feel calmer in your career and trust in your abilities!”

To book a free 15 minute consultation, or for more information on their Life Coaching services, Performer Mindset and Mindfulness Education; visit their website
Next Up Coaching is located at Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1M4, Canada.

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