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Discount Real Estate Broker Opens New Franchise in Memphis, TN

This new franchise will allow Memphis residents to buy and sell property while taking advantage of the company’s unique valuation structure. This is 1 Percent Lists’ second franchise in Tennessee, and they have been able to expand thanks to their qualified Realtors and cooperation with their clients.

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1 Percent Lists Midsouth brings the successful and aggressive marketing strategies employed by their other franchises to the Memphis area and thousands of new customers. Their listing agents utilize a combination of social media and authority marketing to raise visibility for their properties and ensure client satisfaction.

1 Percent Lists is so named because of their unique 1% commission model. Their agents are able to take only 1% listing commission from every sale thanks to the company’s business model, which lowers operating and listing costs by doing away with traditional office and brick-and-mortar maintenance costs.

By lowering the overhead for each sale, agents for 1 Percent Lists can divert more of their time, energy, and resources into advertising leading to faster sales overall. Their SEO-focused ad content will run on their expansive network of social media which covers Facebook, Google, YouTube, and more.

The company has stated that their goal is to improve the home buying and selling experience for all involved. Their agents enjoy work-from-home benefits, a higher commission share than direct competitors, and a low turnover rate, which leads to a better experience for the customer as they interact with the committed, driven real estate agents.

The new Midsouth franchise will allow Memphis residents to leverage the technology-focused tactics utilized by 1 Percent Lists while also lowering the overhead cost of listing a home. Not only does their advertising model allow sellers to access better offers faster, it also allows them to save on commission and listing fees, allowing the seller to pocket up to 96.5% of the sales price.

According to the company, Memphis has experienced above-average job growth in the past year and is currently among the fastest expanded property markets. Customers who wish to contact 1 Percent Lists can find a directory of their passionate, qualified agents online, or over the phone at 1-877-417-3723.

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